Certificates fail to guarantee jobs

Chester Mendoza, TSV Staff Writer

High unemployment across the nation is leading to an increase in students seeking career and technical education certificates in a variety of fields to increase employment...  Read More »

November 24, 2014


News Briefs: Nov. 24, 2014

Miguel Garcia, TSV Multimedia Editor

This is the News Briefs for Nov. 24. 2014 and happy thanksgiving to everyone this week!!

November 25, 2014


Thanksgiving is a sham

Steve Perotti, TSV Opinions Editor

Have you ever sat back and really though about what Thanksgiving means? As little children in elementary schools we were all told, at one point or another, that Thanksgiving...  Read More »

November 26, 2014


“Beautiful You” book review

Erin Perry, TSV Staff Writer

Try to imagine a world where women lock themselves in their rooms overdosing on endorphins while men are left alone succumbing to isolation. Chuck Palahniuk did just this...  Read More »

November 24, 2014

The Skyline View Flickr Feed

A View of the past

  • The men’s basketball team takes home another winThe men’s basketball team takes home another win
    The Skyline men's basketball team brought home another win Saturday night when they played against the Solano Falcons. Bringing their undefeated season record to 4-0, after a nail-biting game the Trojans came out on top by a score of 68-62. …
  • Carrie 2013: A valiant effort that missed the mark
    The most recent retelling of Stephen King's “Carrie” lacks the depth and character development of the original, but tries to satisfy with senseless violence and carnage.