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The COVID-19 Stories

April 15, 2020

Early 2020 COVID-19 took the world by storm and has made people all over the world scared. Here are the...

Marco Milani's 2020 NFL Mock Draft

Marco Milani’s 2020 NFL Mock Draft

April 9, 2020


Skyline reacting to Campus Closure and COVID-19

March 11, 2020

  Students and faculty react to the recent orders from San Mateo Community College School District and their ...

Factual Dis-Function E1: Hidden Marvels

September 30, 2019

Marvel's Cinematic Universe has started a new age of popularity for comic books. But even with names...

TSV Fall 2019 Podcast (Pilot) “Raiding Area 51 with Fists and Hope”

September 30, 2019

Join Hanz Mathews and Mark David Magat as they discuss topics inside entertainment, high school and the...

Skyline Students’ Favorite Boba Places

August 19, 2019

  The Associated Students of Skyline College welcomed back students on Monday, Aug. 19 with boba fr...

Christopher Burch Exhibit Comes to Skyline

March 25, 2019

Sean Sliger gets an interview with Christopher Burch as Burch shows an exhibit in the Skyline art gallery...

Update from the View S3 E2

March 13, 2019

The boys are back in town! Kendrick Rojas, Mark David Magat, and Sean Sliger cover politics, the Oscars,...

Update From the View Season 3 Episode 1

February 6, 2019

Mark David Magat and Sean Sliger cover in this episode topics from politics to movies, all to keep you...

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