Skyline students find their rhythm in dance class

Amber Steele has been teaching dance for 22 years now, and she still finds herself falling in love with her job every day. She finds joy in teaching her students new techniques and building their skills to become better dancers than they were before taking her classes.

Amber Steele, a dance professor at Skyline College hosts a show every spring semester featuring her dance classes. This semester, she hosted an informal spring show with her contemporary modern dance class.

In this show, she included five numbers, each with a different set of students showcasing the skills they’ve learned during the semester including Talia Rosen.

Talia Rosen is a dance student that is also featured in the video and she explains her experience learning the choreography and what it’s like to be in the show.

Over the course of the spring semester, there was a lot of beginner to advanced students learning and growing their skills in contemporary modern dance. It was Steele’s job to tend to all levels and be able to bring these skills together and direct a spring show at the end of the semester.

Skyline students find their rhythm in dance class (audio)
Ambert Steele interview (video)

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