App To Tap – Airserver, a new way to Airplay

The icon for Airserver.

The icon for Airserver.

Now, this may not be an app that one will find in their mobile app market, however this is definitely one that should be tried out. This desktop application allows you to mirror the content of an iOS device such as an iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad onto a computer screen, whether it is running Windows or OSX.

This is very similar to Airplay, Apple’s own streaming server that is installed with just about every iOS device manufactured.

Airserver is a great alternative to those who want to stream their music, videos, and other multimedia onto a bigger screen without having to purchase an Apple TV (priced at $100). Let’s say you have a business presentation to go over, but want to keep control of it without having to stand in front of the computer.

You can do this with an iOS device, and a little help from Airserver. The app will give you full control and preview of the presentation, while looking as professional as can be. Want to play some competitive Temple Run with your friends? You can mirror multiple devices onto a computer screen for fun.

If you want to check out more about this app, you can go to Available on the site for download is a free seven day trial version, just to determine if you want to really put the app to use more than just once in a while.

Prices vary depending on the license to be purchased, but they range from $3.99 to $14.99.


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