Skyline student’s music featured in puzzle game


the calibration game mode balances hot and cold pieces for added challenge.

Looking for a quick fix on entertainment in between classes (or during, for you hooligans)? Steam Puzzle will keep you entertained and addicted with 9 different modes of play and a comfortable degree of difficulty. Steam Puzzle also features music composed by Skyline student, Vincent Iannone. duhhhh

Steam Puzzle has movable components which must be rotated to make groups of four in order to clear the screen. This is similar to popular games such as Bejeweled, but Steam Puzzle features a steam-punk theme and even a story arc featuring Doctor Calgory, a spelunker and scientist, and his assistant talking rat, Stimkin.

The premise of the game is simple allowing the user to change variable speeds and rules to alter the experience and difficulty. The starting mode limits your number of rotations but rewards extra rotations for clearing components. Other modes include timed runs without rotation limits, games with “bombed” components (which must be eliminated quickly) and even a game mode that forces components to be rotated in hexagons rather than squares.

The “Lab” area of the game lets you pick puzzle types and shoot for high scores. This provides a perfect little distraction for idle time, as the games can be short or long depending on the rules you select.

Another area of the game called “Quest” lets players follow Doctor Calgory into a temple of treasures, where he must use components to decipher tablets that lead to artifacts. These games feature puzzle types chosen at random and are very challenging.

A third area called “Steam Meditation” lets players rotate freely without any rules, restrictions or end. Just keep playing and see how high you can get your score. This also allows practice time to learn how to move components around the board quickly or carefully, depending which you need more help with.

The music in Steam Puzzle matches it’s steam-punk quality, featuring sounds of clocks and gears, harpsichord, piano, and violin. The recurring theme of the music is a fun combination of mellow and happy that will soothe you and make you bob your head while you play.

There are no in-app purchases at all; no annoying virtual coins have to be bought for full enjoyment. This is a refreshing contrast to similar games like Candy Crush Saga that interrupt the flow of the game by pestering users for money so they can keep playing.

Steam Puzzle is much more than I expected from a free game and will let you play casually without begging for your credit card.