Picture This by Dandy: An electronic scavenger hunt for photos

Picture This by Dandy: An electronic scavenger hunt for photos

Just a few weeks ago at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Dandy released its first crowd-sourced mobile app available for multiple OS platforms, named Picture This. In order to use the app, you’ll have to either connect through Facebook, or create an account via your email address.

Every day, a new photo challenge is up for grabs, and if that seems too out of reach, then there are also a number
of ongoing challenges which can be taken on. When a challenge is tapped, the user is taken to a screen with the description of the challenge, as well as photos submitted by other users.

These can be sorted by trending, popularity, and most recently added. Users may also share these challenges through Facebook and Twitter. Just like any other social media, submitted photos can receive likes and comments.

As appealing as this app may be, it does have its drawbacks. One of them being that its interface does not allow users to submit photos from their galleries. This makes sense as it removes the idea of using a photo from the
internet toward the completion of a challenge.

In my case however, there have been times when I would take a splendid photo, and end up forgetting that I could have submitted it in the application. And unlike Instagram, Picture This does not currently have filters available when snapping photos, so you don’t have to constantly be annoyed by seeing #nofilter in captions.

Regardless, Picture This by Dandy is a fun app that you can use to test your photo-taking skills against those of your friends, family, and strangers you may come across.Have an app you want to be featured? Send us an email@
[email protected]