iOS 7: Pros and Cons


Since the release of the very first iPhone in 2007, Apple’s mobile software has had numerous, but very subtle changes. That is until Apple released iOS 7 mid-September.

Much like with every new Apple product, the public swarmed to get their hands on the latest “groundbreaking technology”. With its new look, vibrant colors, and multi-tasking capabilities, Apple seems to have broken out of their six-year, recycled platform.

It was, however, a very iffy move. Many were torn between the performance of the new update with some claiming it as the best-looking iOS while others say the changes took the whole Apple experience away.

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty:

The Pros. The new platform boasts a new physical look. The screen has softer color features and is much more cartoon-esque as opposed to the sharp color-scheme that Apple users are accustomed to. Apple took away the black/gray bars on the top and bottom of the lock screen which makes the screen look bigger. iOS7 also has a neat little motion-sensing feature. The home-screen applications move according to the tilt of the device which makes the formerly-bland screen appear to be livelier. Other than aesthetic designs, Apple added a number of software upgrades. Updated devices now have Control Center, AirDrop, and smoother multi-tasking to name a few. Above all, users claim to have noticed a more efficient battery life on their devices after the upgrade.

The Cons. The initial iOS 7 was so bad that Apple had to release iOS 7.0.2 a few days after the launch. Some complaints include the inability to bypass the lock screen on their phones and forcing users to repeatedly input their passwords on to their devices even if they did not want to. Users also encountered lags that are very unlike Apple when it comes to their silky-smooth apps.When Apple released a new iOS platform, it was usually plagued with numerous bugs; iOS 7 kept the tradition going. After the update, users complained about patchy services, apps force-closing, and even motion-sickness. Users blame the motion-sensing feature as the cause of their nausea due to its continuously moving icons. Not all devices support iOS 7. Though most of Apple’s previous devices will run iOS 7, older generations of the iPhone and iPod touch might not look as nice running the new platform.