The Zombies are back

Am array of plants defending their ground from incoming zombies.

Screen shot by Jordan Sweidan/The Skyline View

Am array of plants defending their ground from incoming zombies.

Do you like strategy-based games? What about decapitating zombies with a pea shooter? If so, then Plants vs. zombies 2 is just the game for you! PopCap Games brings you a whole new adventure in this app, with new plants to use to prevent the zombies from eating your brains, new zombies to bring down, and new environments filled with reachable power ups and obstacles to overcome.

The game starts off with Crazy Dave as he eats a taco, and because he thought the taco was so delicious, he decides to travel back in time to eat it once again. However, things get a little sticky once he realizes he’s time traveled all the way back to ancient Egypt.

You’ll come to discover new worlds with levels filled with obstacles and challenges to accomplish in order to proceed through your adventure. Once you finish the levels in one world, each level can be replayed with the chance to earn stars based on goals to acquire. After you’ve earned a certain amount of stars, you can unlock the gate and proceed to the next world.

There is also a new challenge mode that allows the user to play round after round of a zombie hoard until they finally manage to take over your defenses.

Be warned, if you start playing, you’ll practically turn into a zombie as it’ll be more difficult to put down your device then it is to play.