Bad Bunny dips his toes into regional music once again


Courtesy of Grupo Frontera/Youtube

Youtube still of un x100to by Grupo Frontera featuring Bad Bunny

Superstar artist Bad Bunny has once again enlisted the help of a regional Mexican band for a track, Un x100to. This time Grupo Frontera worked with the Puerto Rican reggaeton sensation on a song that came with a video to accompany it.

The band itself apparently had no idea that Bad Bunny was going to collaborate with the group until the day they filmed the video.

While that may have been a surprise to them, what isn’t a surprise is that this song has shot up the Billboard charts days after its release. With this laid-back use of an accordion typical of the norteña sound combined with “El Conejo Malo’s” usual very chill delivery, this song will likely have staying power throughout the summer.

“Hace tiempo no pensaba en ti/ Borracho a tu Insta me metí”, Bunny sings, in his usual relatableness.

While this song doesn’t stray too much from his formula, you can expect to hear it at the club as it is an easy listen, and exactly what fans have come to expect from him. The band also does its part well providing the perfect assist despite the two artists’ styles being very distinct.

As if more proof was needed to attest to Bad Bunny’s starpower, this song is only the fifth regional Mexican song to ever crack the Billboard 100, and has hit 105 million views in just two weeks.

A genre often associated with rural Mexico, it has recently seen a surge in popularity thanks to Grupo Firme collaborating with the likes of Maluma and Banda MS linking up with Snoop Dogg.