Heathers makes a killing at Skyline College


Antonio Franco

The cast for Heathers finishes strong with curtain calls in the art gallery on April 20, 2023

Skyline’s production of Heathers the Musical was a tremendous performance considering the circumstances. Due to an accident caused by construction, rendering the stage unusable, the cast and crew were forced into the art gallery. Regardless of the situation, they pulled together a more intimate watching of Heathers. For the sake of this review, I should mention that the production was double cast, and I attended the Sluts performance. 

The cast did a great job with singing, despite some hiccups that can’t be ignored. Missed cues and awkward pacing seem to be the root cause, however, the actors made quick recoveries and followed through. Something that did throw me off was the fast tempo throughout the majority of their musical numbers. It was especially striking in songs that normally showcase a slower tempo. 

Nonetheless, standout songs include: Kindergarten Boyfriend, Meant to be Yours, Lifeboat, and Our Love is God. These songs in particular were carried out by the actors very nicely. The raw emotion that the singers portrayed allowed the audience to soak in the character’s feelings. Our Love is God specifically stood out as every piece came together perfectly. From the believable acting in tandem with great vocals, it’s an experience I wish to relive.  

The actors themselves were nothing short of pure talent. Each person fulfilled their duty to their fullest potential. Even the ensemble breathed life onto the stage, transporting the audience away from the art gallery and into the toxic halls of Westberg High. 

Fiona O’Neil, the actor of Heather Chandler, portrayed the mean girl with an edge that, dare I say, scared some of the audience members. Her command towards her lackeys and the stage was a sight to behold, even when dead. 

Lindsay Sporleder, the actor of Veronica Sawyer, gave the audience a great impression of a once cheery, if not a little angsty, teenager. The descent of madness that Veronica is forced to endure is amplified by other characters for sure, but Sporleder shows that she was a perfect conduit of these emotions and reflects it perfectly for the audience. 

Speaking on other characters, Edie Flores, the actor who plays JD, could not be a more perfect match. A low charismatic voice, with a surprisingly lighter more steady singing tone comes together with an intensity of emotions that made audience members look in awe and horror. 

Given the limited space, the cast worked around what the art gallery provided for them. The dances and stage presence of the characters were fantastic and although some actors were not on cue all the time, the delivery of the performance always followed through to a satisfying conclusion.


There were some creative decisions that did not seem fully fleshed out, and in these moments, it did take you out of the illusion or confused the audience. For example, the party scene with the Heathers and Martha did not leave the impact it was trying to create. In the scene, we see a blindfolded Martha swinging at a pinata that “resembled” her. While this whole ruse was planned to mock her, it was not performed well. The pinata did not look like Martha and it was even introduced to be the rival school’s mascot at first. 


I would say that one of the bigger issues that affected almost everyone in this production was a lack of consistent pacing. Lines said too fast, jokes not being allowed to cook, and songs being sped through leads to a performance that can seem rushed and hard to follow. 


Despite the struggle of pacing, the dances and character choices were fantastic. The smaller groups of characters in the background, performing their roles with such life, only adds to the ambience of a fantastic set created by the actors themselves under the leadership of Technical Director Josh Harris. 


Overall, this production of Heathers the musical was one of the best performances I have seen by Skyline in a while. It would seem that many would agree with me since all the shows had sold out seats. After every performance, there was an exciting conversation about how impressive the show was, considering that Skyline is only a “community college.” 


I would have to say that this cast pulled through under the direction of the Director Gary Ferguson and Music Director Jude Navari. Not only did they give a fantastic show, they delivered under unfavorable circumstances. Proving to everyone that it’s not about where the show is performed, but how much effort is put into the production so that it may shine bright for all to watch.