Apple’s latest product not ripe enough to pick

Four years later, and Apple is only just debuting an update to a cable-cord cutter, the new Apple TV. With this highly anticipated update, there’s a lot to say about this product, and simultaneously not much at all.

In the box, one will find the newly designed remote to navigate through the TV software, a lightning cable to charge the remote (say goodbye to that removable battery in the previous Apple remote), the power cord, and the tv itself. The product is definitely heavier than it’s previous generation, and almost doubled its height. Besides that, not much has changed on the outside. There are two models, the 32GB for $150, and the 64GB for $200. If you’re going to use this mainly to stream video, and not download excessive amounts of multimedia, go with the 32GB version. If you’re a heavy media junkie and know you’ll need more room, spend the extra $50.

At first, I enjoyed using the new touch-sensitive remote to swipe through apps, movies, and games. However, after a few days, I struggled rigorously with that same sensitivity. If I swiped right, the cursor would move down. At one point I got so frustrated that I almost threw the remote at the tv after trying to scroll through my music query for a solid fifteen minutes, only to maneuver between the same two tracks over and over. I ended up having to reboot the TV, and the remote seemed to work properly again. Over the past couple of weeks I have encountered this issue at least five times, so I’m hoping that the problem lies within my unit.

Another problem I’ve had with this experience, and one I will never let Apple live down until it’s changed, is the fact that Siri cannot help you with music. How can Siri help you with something so specific as filtering through comedy films to find a particular actor, yet can’t even register a command as simple as “start music?” Why is that so difficult? On top of that, Apple has yet to update their remote app on their own app store. I can understand why, as this new remote has Siri functionality, and if one were to try using Siri through their iPhone or iPad while on the remote app, Siri will register your command through the phone and not the tv. It goes without saying that it’d be pretty neat for a legitimate “remote mode” to exist on those two devices.

There’s a lack of 4K playback on this tv, which is odd because the background screen-savers are those that you’d find while strolling through the 4K displays in an electronics store.

If you’d like to own a streaming box set, and are a part of Apple’s device ecosystem, I’d recommend this. However, if you do have the older model, I’d say wait for a future generation product; one with 4K, and better app implementation.