Review: The Nokia Lumia 521 Review

Of all the new cell phones on the market the Nokia Lumia 521 is becoming a favorite to many. As most customers are from the iPhone generation, naturally a phone that is versatile in features is a must. The option to listen to music, watch videos, and plan and picture document everything is expected these days. If you prefer to be free as a bird and not bogged down with a back pack holding multiple forms of technology, this phone provides an all in one deluxe stop.

If you’re a student with untrustworthy Wi-Fi at home, you no longer have to panic when you can’t pull up a document from your phone. This is a new feature to be offered by a cell phone: Homework on Microsoft Word. Not notes on a yellow notepad, which was the most that could be offered as a feature on the iPod touch, or through email, but full blown Microsoft Office documents. The phone is spreadsheet capable as well, and after saving every document a copy is sent automatically to your email. Worrying about losing or not finishing documents will no longer be a plague for owners of the Windows phone.

Another plus is that the phone comes with apps already installed for improved camera levels, panoramic pictures, and video. With a mega pixel count of 8.7 this is the best quality camera phone available on the market, and consumers don’t have to pay extra money to download a decent flash as an LED flash is stock. With other phones and devices there was a need for improvement and thus negative connotations were made with certain products as being a never ending money pit.

The phone also has an awesome mapping function with “HERE” maps which is helpful for those customers who do not have the best sense of direction, or who enjoy orienteering and geography. The transition from the iPod touch and iPhone was an easy one. Owners of the phone can maneuver around the device easily and find what they need without consulting the manual every other minute.

The only negative with the phone is the lack of gaming and other apps. A majority of popular apps are for Android phones so owners, for example, can’t download Tango to video chat, but Skype is an alternative. Because there is diversity of app producers, Windows Phone owners can find a way around this making this negative a non-deal breaker.

When it comes to cell phones some people stick to the basic, cheap, and low functioning phone, relying on other products, like the iPod touch, to serve as a mini laptop. Now with the Windows Phone customers have more options and capabilities at their disposal. It narrows all electronics down to one, allowing for users to virtually have a PC as a phone, and you won’t break the bank purchasing one either, which is why it’s becoming a favorite.