Super Duper Burgers provide a super duper experience!

3 Serramonte Center Space 662, Daly City, CA 94015


Sean Siapno

Super Duper showcases its logo within the interior of this restaurant.

Serramonte continues to upgrade its foodie interests by adding great restaurant chains to its location. They’ve had Chick-fil-A, Izumi Revolving Sushi, Jollibee, and Super Duper Burgers have now joined them. As most of its locations are within the city, this gourmet burger place has become more localized and ready to give you a super-duper experience!

Before we head into the food, let’s start with the overall ambiance of the restaurant. First, I would like to commend them on the design of this location as the place looked very modern. Since this isn’t a sit-down kind of restaurant, the tables and chairs fit the aesthetic of ‘dine n’ go.’

If you do get the chance to eat there, you’ll have the choice to dine either indoors or outdoors. The indoor seating consists mainly of wooden tables and stools, giving the interior space a more rustic feel. The outdoor seating is standard for those who want to enjoy the weather if the sun’s out.


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While it’s great to know about the setting, let’s head on to the main course of the article and talk about their food! Their menu is quite typical, as you have your burgers, fries, and milkshakes. The only thing that does stand out has to be their vegetarian options and seasonal milkshakes. While this sounds like any other burger place, Super Duper has its unique flavors to make it stand out.

Milkshakes. The classics are all there: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, and oreo. I had the opportunity to try the oreo shake, and the flavor was well mixed in! It was a good balance between the cookie and cream, so nothing was overpowering one another. However, the best part has to be the smoothness of the shake. While it doesn’t seem like a big deal, shakes like these are hard to find. It was such a great feeling having a shake effortlessly travel up the straw. It saves you the headache!

Fries. It’s hard to go wrong with fries as it’s a staple in the fast food chain. If a burger is Romeo, then fries are its Juliet; they are the perfect pair. While Super Duper’s regular fries are great, their garlic fries are a must when eating at this restaurant. They go beyond the usual components of garlic fries. Of course, the garlic is there. However, it’s also topped with 6-month-aged cheddar that blends harmoniously with everything else.

One bite reveals the contents of a Super Duper Burger. (Sean Siapno/The Skyline View)

Burgers. They have the usual components like tomatoes, lettuce, and onions, however, the main part of a burger is the patty. Super Duper capitalizes on this by making the meat the show-stopper of the dish. With a choice of having a single or double patty, either way, you’ll experience the juiciness of the meat. Topped with their Super Sauce, this burger goes beyond what’s expected and truly deserves to be served in a place called Super Duper.


With the fast food essentials elevated in their own way, this burger place is definitely one to check out. Because of the level of quality this restaurant provides, expect to pay a little more compared to your average fast food spot. Other than that, head over to Super Duper to experience the great atmosphere and delicious food.