Sushi and Sake date!

K’s Kitchen
757 Monterey Boulevard, between Gennessee Street and Ridgewood Avenue.
Japanese Cuisine

For this food review I looked on Yelp to find an economic and good review with four to five stars. It is good to keep in mind that people on Yelp are completely entitled to their experiences when they write and rant on the website; however, I took a chance and Yelp certainly did not fail me with this restaurant.

For starters I lived in the Sunnyside neighborhood for a few years and now that I moved away I found out about this cozy little gem hidden by the trees. It is relatively close to Safeway and other restaurants.

I came here on a Saturday evening, around 6pm, parking on the street was easy to find and as soon as I walked in I was greeted and seated. The hostess was very attentive and came within less than 5 minutes to take my order. I was not ready, so they gave me and my date some more time.

Finally ready to order, I asked for a cherry blossom roll to start with, which is tuna, avocado, fresh salmon, and ikura translated it is salmon eggs. It was very colorful and very fresh tasting to start my dinner off right. Second order on the menu I ordered a chicken teriyaki plate which was accompanied with a salad, soup, and rice. Something I noted was they brought the salad first and then miso soup came and then the actual chicken teriyaki plate came.

The salad was a simple greens mixture with some very tasty sauce that I have no apologies for trying. Although the miso soup was a little disappointing, they redeemed themselves with the chicken teriyaki plate, this plate was not disappointing at all. It was a too much for me to finish with the rice, but it was delectable, the chicken was cooked to perfection and topped with sesame seeds. It was such a big portion that I had enough for leftovers.

I had to have dessert because what is dinner without a good sweet? I had to try the tres leches cake, tres leches in spanish is three milks and this is a sweet I grew up with and they did a great job with it. It was just the perfect moisture and sweetness so delightful for those sweet tooth lovers such as myself. Also if you are 21 and up, the hot sake is a nice combination with the whole dinner. Sake is a rice wine and compliments the sushi and other dishes I had.

Now for the bill:
Cherry Blossom Roll $12
Chicken Teriyaki with soup salad and rice $12
Tres Leches Cake $5
Hot Sake $5
Total $34

Okay I must admit this is a little pricy but I did not eat by myself so if you are splitting the bill with friends or you want to go out on a hot date, it is worth the pretty little penny and your date will be leaving with a full belly and you and your date can share because of the big portions or try their other plates.