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Profile of a Traveler: Emilio Barbosa

Emilio Barbosa
Barbosa captured a photo of the Oman-UAE border from the United Arab Emirates desert side.

The coronavirus pandemic was a traveler’s worst nightmare. As the world marks four years since the global lockdown, a traveler reflects on his experiences abroad and the challenges he faced from strict travel restrictions.

Before the pandemic, former Skyline student Emilio Barbosa was a frequent traveler. He ventured off to various destinations to visit family and friends within and outside the United States. His top five destinations included Georgia, Spain, Vietnam, Turkey and Malaysia. Turkey was by far his favorite place he visited. 

One memorable experience during his travels was a trip to India to visit an old college friend he had not seen in a long time. He was in awe of the drastic change in India’s pace and culture compared to the U.S. 

Barbosa’s love for travel originates from a desire to expand one’s horizons and cultivate an appreciation for observing different lifestyles around the world.

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“Travel allows the individual to experience more cultures and meet people they wouldn’t have otherwise had the opportunity to meet,” Barbosa said. 

His love for learning and integrating himself into rich cultures has guided him through many adventures around the world. However, the pandemic brought Barbosa’s adventures to a stop as strict travel restrictions were implemented worldwide.

Despite the challenges, Barbosa took advantage of his free time by taking classes and planning which schools to apply to for transfer. 

When travel restrictions were lifted, Barbosa resumed his travels. He embarked on his first post-lockdown trip to Dubai. He stated that the process to travel to more developed countries was much more efficient with fewer checks and requirements for travelers. In less developed countries, tourists were judged more harshly and heavily questioned. 

“Dubai was the only part of the United Arab Emirates that was mostly open,” Barbosa said. “Abu Dhabi, for example, was still heavily restricted and traveling to and from was next to impossible. As for restrictions [in Dubai], they only allowed you in if you had a PCR test to prove you were COVID-19-free.”

Barbosa shared his best tip for those interested in traveling, which is to use Google Flights for the cheapest flights, price trends and reviews.

As he sets his sights on his next adventure to Mexico this summer, Barbosa’s strong spirit of exploration, even in the face of adversity, continues to fuel his jet-setting lifestyle.

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