Hood Grub: Hip-hop dining at its finest

Price: Under $10 per person
Location: 1166 Geneva Ave, San
Francisco, CA 94112

Located in the Crocker-Amazon neighborhood at 1166 Geneva, Hood Grub is the newest restaurant to hit San Francisco’s local bar, The Broken Record. Offering a varied menu, at an affordable price, Hood Grub provides a satisfying experience with their casual urban atmosphere.

As of the first of this year the bar’s restaurant changed ownership, presenting a completely new menu with some items adopted from the owner’s additional restaurant, located in Fremont, called The Vine. The food isn’t exactly what you’d expect to find in the “hood”, but the sense of community you find in a neighborhood you’ll find here.

The restaurant has about ten tables and booths. When you order, instead of a number to place at your table, you’re given a street name of the surrounding streets, such as Madrid or Paris, which give a quaint touch to the restaurant. When seated, you’ll notice simple decorative pieces, such as graffiti art, lights on the ceiling to represent the stars, and a ball dropping from it that is an exact replica of the moon. The music ranges from 1990’s hits to current hip-hop.

The volume is loud enough to put you in the mood, but not drown out your conversation. Though the menu is limited in selection, it is far from disappointing. All items are under $10, from appetizers to brunch or dinner items. Their Artichoke Dip is a must have, served in a half sized warmed artichoke, with toasted pita bread slices for dipping. If you’re into spicy cuisine, their much raved about “Spicy Pork Sammy” is dynamite, literally, and is served with deep fried pickles.

The “Hood Burger” is served with a fried egg, cheese, and onions on garlic bread that is rich and will melt in your mouth. Sandwiches and burgers don’t come with fries, but do come with an order of their addictive “Sweet Tater Tots” served with candied bacon aioli. This is a restaurant you will not leave hungry.

The food is surprising for its location in that you would not expect to find a menu in a local bar to be this good or fulfilling. Though the restaurant is within a bar, you don’t have to be 21 to eat, as alcoholic beverages are served in the bar area at the front of the establishment.

If you are 21, you can bring the drinks back to your table, or hang out in the front. The bar offers two flat screen televisions, pool tables, and on some nights bingo which make it a great hangout with activity to occupy your time.

The restaurant and bar are cash only, so to spare yourself fees from the ATM within the establishment come prepared. Open seven days a week, this is a hole in the wall restaurant you’ll be glad you tried.