The Blue’s comes in all flavors


Chocolatier Blue

763 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94102

Price Range: $$$

Chocolatier Blue competes very well with other chocolate companies by combining hard work with high quality chocolate for their customers.

Originating in Berkeley, Chocolatier Blue found its way to San Francisco’s Market Street, a place where you can find local San Franciscans and a large amount of global tourists.

I hadn’t heard of Chocolatier Blue until it opened up near my workplace on Market Street, but the atmosphere and word-of-mouth made me wonder why their chocolate was so different from others.

Looking at the store, you’ll see a nice baby blue and white-striped sign saying “Chocolatier Blue”, which brightens up the street itself. You’ll always find a worker happily standing outside, passing out numerous samples to customers and pedestrians roaming aimlessly around the area.

Inside you’ll see a continuation of the baby blue and white stripes, along with handmade chocolate statues, created by the chocolatier, Chris Blue.

It’s crazy to know that the chocolate statues never melt, but I’m guessing it’s because the store itself is colder than most to keep the chocolate in good condition.

Once you make your way through the stripes and the statues you find yourself at the counter, where you’ll see a large variety of colors and sizes of chocolates, each with their own unique flavor.

Year-round favorites for the company include “Cookies & Cream”, “Passion Fruit Caramel” and “Vanilla Rum”, labeled as a dark chocolate by the chocolatier and his staff.

Additionally, Chocolatier Blue changes flavors based on the season. My personal favorites from their winter collection include “Sugar Cookie”, “Pumpkin”, and “Sweet Potato Casserole”.

These random flavors satisfied my taste buds with their taste, but it’s more for the appealing detail of the chocolate, which attracted me to it in the first place.

You’ll see the chocolates mixed into shapes of hearts, bricks, swirls, and staircases, each made only by the chocolatier.

“The most special thing about the chocolate is that every piece is handmade,” said Charlotte LaRiviere, sales associate of Chocolatier Blue in San Francisco. “If you look at them, no two pieces are exactly the same and he makes about 1500 a day at the Berkeley location.”

Personal handcrafted chocolate, along with good flavors and a kind staff really ups the ante for other chocolate companies.

Comparing Chocolatier Blue to other high-end chocolate companies around the city, the prices are affordable. You’re allowed one free sample every time you walk in, and each chocolate after that is $1.50. Special packages follow for 6-packs, 12-packs, and so on.

These chocolates would make a great gift for a loved one, coworker, a small birthday gift, or even for yourself when you just feel in the need of good chocolate.

Let your taste buds experience all flavors and colors of chocolate, especially the blue.