Colombo’s Delicatessen

Salmon Sandwich with Avocado.

Photo by Haider Mashal/TheSkylineView

Salmon Sandwich with Avocado.

484 Manor Plz Pacifica, CA 94044

Down a long windy road, under a layer of fog just before the beach, sits a small deli, with an unremarkable and equally small sign that reads Colombo’s Delicatessen.

This is a façade, don’t fall for it. With huge and remarkably tasting sandwiches, Colombo’s is a must for any sandwich lover.

From the salami hanging from the ceiling, to the few small isles of ingredients, as soon as you walk in, you get the feeling you’re in a classic old fashioned deli. They make a variety of specialty sandwiches such as the Godfather, the Godmother, and the 49er Goldminer.

The price range for a specialty sandwich ranges from $6.95 to just under $9.00. If you have a big appetite, you will absolutely be satisfied with a single sandwich from Colombo’s. I shared a grilled chicken breast sandwich with two other people and it was enough.

Unlike some common sandwich chains, Colombo’s meat, cheese, and other toppings easily outweigh the amount of bread in the sandwich. The toppings to bread ratio is one of the best I’ve seen.

I haven’t found many deli’s that serve great seafood; however, most likely due to its location being so close to the pacific ocean, Colombo’s has an outstanding salmon sandwich. It’s a must for any seafood enthusiast.

Aside from the sandwiches, Colombo’s offers a few interesting sides including: the chocolate chip bacon cookie. That one food item alone makes it worth checking out Colombo’s. To find a crispy desert filled with bacon, is something of a challenge. So much of a challenge, that I can honestly say I’ve never encountered such a cookie before.

Colombo’s also offers a wide variety of soups, salads, and pasta, all homemade. Early in the morning you might want to try some of their breakfast sandwiches, served either on your choice of soft roll or a croissant. Their bread is baked fresh daily, the earlier the better.

Columbo’s serves breakfast and lunch, but not dinner, so come here before it gets too late in the evening. The weekday hours are 8:30am to 6:00pm, Saturdays 8:00am to 5:00pm, Sundays 9:00am to 3:00pm. Colombo’s Delicatessen is located inside the shopping center, at 484 Manor Plaza, in Pacifica.

Colombo’s shares a parking lot a few other stores, but it is a large parking lot. Even during the busier hours of the day you shouldn’t have trouble finding parking. If you choose to eat at Colombo’s they have a seating area with multiple flat screens, more than likely displaying a current sporting event.

The service is great and the staff is friendly. However pleasant, it was a little time consuming, one sandwich may take up to ten minutes to make, but if you’re not in a hurry it is well worth the wait.

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