Photo by Gabriela Saucedo/The Skyline View

The sign for the Hawaiian drive inn at 50 San Pedro Road only five miles from Skyline College.

We all like fancy, but sometimes simplicity is even better. Sometimes we just want something good that’s served quick with a price you can’t argue with, and not always from McDonalds. Taste matters and so does quality. For this issue there will be a series of “Hole-In-The-Wall” restaurants reviewed that are located within 5 miles of Skyline College, have great quality and taste, and will satisfy your hunger with only $10.

Senor Pedro International Market & Deli, located on 82 School St. in Daly City, serves delicious, traditional Brazilian fast-food that amazes the taste buds. Their main dishes are the pastels that are made of thin pastry envelopes filled with a desired combination of meat and/or cheese. The pastel that sells out the quickest is the ham and cheese. They are pretty cheap at the price of about $7 each and they go really well with a glass bottle of Coca Cola. Pastels aren’t the only fresh fast-food they provide. The menu also includes all types of assorted foods, including bacon wrapped hot dogs, carne asada fries, a variety of sandwiches and a huge selection of drinks that surrounds the bar seating area.

Gateway Kitchen, located in Daly City on 6165 Mission St., has to be my favorite Filipino restaurant and it’s guaranteed to fill any stomach to satisfaction, and even more friendly to the wallet. Gateway Kitchen has a very small seating area, and menu, but they provide huge plates. They serve deep fried Tilapia, Longanisa, Baconsilog, Hong Kong Pork Chops, Smoked Boneless Bansilog, Spamsilog and many more traditional plates. Mind you that these plates are huge and cost under $5. Of all these plates, however, the winner would have to be the Hong Kong Pork Chops. They serve two huge pieces with a deliciously distinct taste. This plate, and all the others, include garlic rice, a side of pineapples and a friend egg. Absolutely delicious!

Tani’s Kitchen,a Japanese diner located in Daly City’s Westlake plaza, is the admirable Hole-In-The-Wall known for their extremely small size, seating a maximum of 10 people, their cheap prices, good quality and generous proportions. Their most common order is the Donburi. It comes with a choice of meat over rice in a big bowl. They cost $6-$12 depending on the choice of meat. Another great deal would be their combination plates, serving a variety of meat, rice and salad.Although they are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, they are open from noon to 9:30 P.M. the other days; perfect hours for an intimate meeting with friends, a cute date or just a nice, simple dinner when you’re in the mood for Japanese cuisine.

This restaurant goes out to my devoted vegetarians who enjoy Indian cuisine. Amma’s Curry House, located on 632 San Mateo Ave. in San Bruno. It seems like their specialties are vegetarian plates, but they also serve their famous lamb, for our meat lovers, that is marinated with their special blend of Fiji spices. The Curry House is also a market for Indian food but the venue is dominated by the restaurant to make plenty of space for those who wish to dine there.With $10, you leave satisfied with a rice plate, a variety of side veggies such as roti’s, chutney, salad or a side of soup.

The Hawaiian Drive-Inn. There are a couple locations: San Bruno, South San Francisco and Daly City, but the one I am most familiar with is the one located in Daly City on 50 San Pedro Road. The cooks and owners are awesome with their serving, recommendations on specials of the day and generous proportions. They lay on the meat with the best flavor (which ever you choose really won’t come to regrets because they’re all good) along with the macaroni salad, cabbage salad and a side of rice. Combination and single plates range from $5-$10. The item that is significantly exquisite would have to be their crab rangoons at the cost of $3.29 for 6 pieces with the best sauce ever! It’s totally worth the try. Also, order your food with a can of juice. They charge just $1 each. They have a handful of flavors, but the Guava flavor has never failed to complement the Hawaiian taste. This Hole-In-The-Wall is guaranteed to have me stuffed to my neck for an awesome price– leaving every customer satisfied with their Hawaiian Drive Inn experience.