The Learning Center has extended its hours of operation to give students a place to study at night


Kevin Perez/ The Skyline View

Guadalupe Salinas (right), Nuv Kamarulzaman (left), and Tabitha Wong (center) are studying at the Learning Center for statistics on Mar. 22, 2017.

Students on campus may have seen new signs on March 20 announcing big news from The Learning Center (TLC) in building 5. They now have extended late-night hours until midnight every Monday through Thursday for the remainder of the semester.

The center recently received the results of a survey conducted by Skyline’s marketing department in which students expressed that they wanted study spaces that are open late at night.

As a student resource and academic learning center, TLC increased their weekday hours for the first time to 8 a.m. to midnight on Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Friday.

“TLC offers 12 hours of tutoring Mondays through Thursdays,” Learning Center Manager David Reed said. While tutoring ends at 8 p.m. on Monday through Thursday, “we offer a lot of support,” he said.

Reed wanted to let students know about TLC and the difference it can make between passing and failing a class.

Besides a space to study, the four pillars of TLC are tutoring, supplemental instruction, retention support and academic success workshops. All of which are free to students.

“We are targeting stumbling blocks,” Reed said.

There are peer and professional tutors available to help in TLC. “We offer free tutoring for students for a variety of subjects in different disciplines including writing and reading, ESL, math, business and science/social science,” graduate math tutor Bryan Swartout said. One-on-one tutoring is available for English in 30 minute or one hour sessions while math tutoring is available by drop-in appointments and group tutoring is available, too.

As a proven method of academic support, supplemental instruction offers voluntary group study sessions in traditionally difficult courses. These groups are facilitated by supplemental instruction leaders or peers who have successfully completed the specific course.

As a full-time retention specialist, Raymon Gutierrez is a student resource referral for both academic success and non-academic guidance. While students face challenges both inside and outside the classroom, Gutierrez can motivate and guide students to ensure they meet their academic goals.

Skyline’s academic success workshops are designed with faculty input and included study skills and time management assistance. “We have surpassed 800 students attending academic success workshops, which has doubled what they did before, Reed said.

The Learning Center differs from the library as it is a more social, active and collaborative learning environment. In the sense of group studying, “it’s looser as far as noise level,” Swartout said.

“TLC is not a place to play video games or sleep, it’s not a student lounge but [it is] an academic space,” said Reed. “We are definitely interested in serving more students.”

With certification by the College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA), Skyline offers a tutor training program to fill a need for additional tutors. Students can become Certified Tutors (Level I) followed by Advanced Certified Tutors (Level II) by completing a Learning Skills (LSKL) class.

In addition to spring and fall LSKL 110 courses, Skyline will offer LSKL 680, a four-week tutor training hybrid class this summer. The hybrid class will be half in-person and half online and students can then apply to be hired as paid tutor interns at TLC. After only 25 hours as tutor interns, students have a chance to move up to official tutor positions at a higher pay rate.

Skyline student, Adyam Mekonnen, a science major uses TLC every weekday when she is not in class as a workspace and for science tutoring help. “It is probably more useful if they would open earlier because I don’t stay too late,” Meokonnen said. “It’s nice to have extended hours when needed.”

Mekonnen wishes they would have more science tutors in TLC. “Seems like they have a lot of math tutors already,” Mekonnen said. “Honestly, if they could add just one more science tutor, that would be awesome.”

TLC is exploring new ideas, such as online 24-hour tutoring, according to Reed. “Stay tuned for new academic support ideas,” Reed said.