BREAKING NEWS: CSM employee wanted for homicide by US Marshals


Flyer sent by US Marshalls


4:35  The District sent out an email stating that Vaughn Boatner has been placed on leave and his badge no longer accesses the campus facilities.

Vaughn Boatner, the Fitness Operations Manager at College of San Mateo, is currently wanted by the U.S. Marshalls for the alleged murder of his ex-wife and attempted murder of her partner.

A district-wide alert went out to all students and staff of the San Mateo County Community College District, warning of a murder suspect at large.

Boatner allegedly shot his ex-wife and her partner at their residence on May 11th before fleeing his residence later that day. Authorities had shown up shortly after with a warrant for his arrest.

Public Safety at CSM said they don’t view Boatner as an immediate threat to the campus, and that the alert is the immediate action for now.

The fitness center confirmed that the suspect was employed by CSM, his current employment status is not immediately known.

According to the Hayward Police Department, a press release was issued by them on May 12th and Boatner has been on the run since.

Anyone who has seen Boatner is asked to call 911 as soon as possible.