The totally accurate battleground game

2018 was the year of battle royale games with “Fortnite” and “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds”, also known as PUB-G, scorching the gaming landscape with their popularity and genuine fun they provide to gamers. Of course there are many other battle royale games that never entirely hit the mark of fame or even quality PUB-G and “Fortnite” has. But with “Totally Accurate Battle Grounds”, it doesn’t try to be, actually, it does the opposite.

“Totally Accurate Battlegrounds” is developed by a team named Landfall and was developed in June of 2018. The general agreement of this game is it’s basically PUB-G’s weirder little cousin. The game is weird, quirky, stupid and at times very glitchy, but it’s a ton of fun.

Most of that fun comes from how weird the environment, the weapons and the situations get. One moment you could be flying a hard-to-control helicopter into a building, the next you can have a first fight with a French dude while you’re dressed like a pickle. In most battle royale games, things go from zero to 100 fast but this goes to those absurd moments much much faster.

And even though the game is glitchy, it feeds into the absurd fun that this game is. Sometimes it goes too far with character spawns and people falling off the map, but these issues can be fixed in patches. But the developers should not change all of the glitches due to a lot them adding a lot of fun banter to throw around with friends. Only game-breaking glitches should be fixed.

And with how absurd the game is, they can get away with some stuff in the gameplay. Some of the more well-known things are pressing G for no reason to hold your weapon sideways to look intimidating, or wear armor to protect you or make you look cool, or in terms of the pickle armor, do both.

But the most tense and fun part of the game is how they handle enclosing the map. In most battle royale games, you have the opportunity to get into the fighting area, yet you have to suffer with a poison or electrical wall slowly killing your character. Here it’s different, the map spawns pillars that fall from the sky and start to connect to each other that end up making a wall. Running through a five-foot hole that is closing quiet fast is some of the most tense feelings people felt playing this game.

Overall the game is dumb, glitchy and absurd, but has so much charm and character that it’s hard to not have fun if you have a couple of friends to play it with. It’s not the best battle royale game, let alone best game ever, but it’s definitely worth a play through.