Overcooked 2 brings new flavor

Team17 Digital Limited has struck gold with their game Overcooked. Now with the sequel, Overcooked 2, is now ready to be served. But is this new rendition of a fan favorite a welcomed, fresh taste, or is it a bland re-hash of an old game. Glad to say, I like what I’ve been served.

Overcooked 2 has still kept the classic gameplay and the quirky kitchens. With that said, they didn’t overhaul the whole system of cooking in the game, which is not a bad or good thing, but it is a thing people should know. Nothing here is groundbreaking gameplay.

There was a simple addition to the system that does change the game a lot though, throwing ingredients. You can now toss tomatoes, fish and all sorts of food across the kitchen and this adds a lot to the game play in both strategy in cooking or even causing chaos in the kitchen.

The new kitchens and recipes are a welcomed change but don’t change the game too much, you’ll still be chopping and grilling in a hectic kitchen in a middle of a construction site or something. But I feel the kitchens are a bit more hectic than the first but nothing that seasoned chefs can’t handle.

Also another major addition, not to the gameplay or the system, but to the online connectivity has now broaden the possibilities of who you can play with. Now you can play with your fellow chiefs who aren’t even in the same room.

But the overarching issue is that there isn’t a big change. Of course the first game was amazing and if isn’t broken don’t fix it, but just adding a couple of features doesn’t really matter if the core game isn’t upgraded. My point is it feels like a half step to a new game and not a full new game.

But even though it doesn’t feel like a full on new game, I highly recommend it. It’s just more Overcooked, which is a great game to begin with. And thankfully it isn’t the full $60 most games are, it’s $30 maybe even $25, so it isn’t trying to be a full new game anyways.

Overall, it’s a great game, not groundbreaking but honestly it doesn’t have to be. It’s fun, chaotic and super addicting. And the minor improvements they have made have brought up some new gameplay from the first. If you like screaming food ingredients at your friends and a good laugh, this is a great game for $30.

Screenshot by Mark David Magat
Achievement Hunter, an internet gaming group, plays a pre-release version of Overcooked 2 for a video that was released on June 12, 2018