More Bobby, Less Logic

Logic flexed on his latest mixtape “Bobby Tarantino II”, his break from the deeply complex and socially conscious topics allowed for his strengths to flourish. The trap production style on “Yuck” and “Wizard of Oz” gave him the perfect opportunity to boast, and the eerie samples combined with crisp hi-hats compliment Logic’s concise flow that seamlessly hops from track to track.

The alter ego of the Grammy nominated artist made his debut in 2016 with “Bobby Tarantino I” when his fans experienced the true range of his versatility. The second iteration of the Tarantino tapes gave Logic the freedom, once again, to express his more egotistical side and proved that he is not just the “suicide hotline guy”. “Bobby Tarantino II” has carefully selected beats that showcase his full spectrum of rhyme schemes.

“Warm it up”, a standout track on the mixtape, highlights Logic’s effortless ability to rap double time without losing a single syllable of lyricism. This track features Young Sinatra, who is Logic’s original alternate ego on his first trilogy of mixtapes.

Logic’s exclusive producer 6ix came through with flawless production throughout the tape. The knocking bass, sharp snares and beat breaks on “Contra” give the mix tape a quintessential trap sound that Logic thrived on. 6ix also included retro sounds on “BoomTrap Protocol” that provided a vital balance to “Bobby Tarantino II” that was missing from his third studio album.

With the great amount of turmoil we are currently experiencing in the US, artists can not be afraid to address the tough topics in society. Logic is one of the few mainstream rappers who consistently provides a deeper meaning in his lyrics, but he sounds much better when he is lighthearted and free flowing.

Logic is at his highest point of popularity, and he is not showing any signs of slowing down. “Bobby Tarantino II” provided his extended fan base with an unforgiving and fearless range of track variation that stretched from electronic collaboration with Marshmello on “Everyday” to a smooth “Dilla swing” type beat on “Indica Badu”.

People were skeptical of the “Bobby Tarantino” sequel, but it exceeded all expectations. Logic’s latest album “Everybody” was his weakest release yet, and I was unsure if he could still bring out the unrelenting and cocky side of his persona. “Bobby Tarantino II” proved me wrong.

Aside from music, Bobby recently announced a divorce with his wife of two years, Jessica Andrea. This unfortunate circumstance will most likely have an impact on his music moving forward, and although a divorce is never easy, his statement on Instagram provided a glimpse into the mutual understanding of both of them being happier as friends.

The future of the rap scene is unclear; however, if Bobby can stay in his flex zone the hits will continue. Logic consistently puts out a variety of music that appeals to a wide range of listeners giving him a prominent position among relevant rap artists. In order to maintain his new found momentum, we need more Bobby and less Logic.