Thuy comes home to the Bay Area

In my years living in the Bay, I have yet to experience a concert in the iconic Regency Ballroom. While names like Keshi and Niki have performed there this year, I didn’t get a chance to see them despite being an active listener to both singers. Never would I have thought that the first concert I attended at the Regency would be for an artist I knew little about. On the night of Nov. 26, I had the opportunity to see Thuy.

Thuy, pronounced as ‘twee,’ is a Los Angeles-based pop R&B artist. She first started her journey with the song “Hands on me,” and since then has released many more records, continuously racking up streams. She’s become worldwide famous and has recently embarked on her sold-out tour titled “Girls Like Me Don’t Cry,” under the basis of her recent song release.

While she established her career in Los Angeles, this Vietnamese singer is actually a Bay Area native. Naturally, the moment she stepped on stage, she felt a wave of emotion. As the crowd roared upon her arrival, she couldn’t help but take a moment to embrace it all. She was performing in her hometown, and the fans didn’t waste a second to give her a warm welcome. After sentiments were shared, Thuy finally started to sing. It was at this moment that I found a new appreciation for Thuy’s angelic voice and music. 

Thuy’s music is truly transcending. With various messages about love, friendships, and toxic pasts, her music illustrates these pictures in a harmonious way. You feel the warmth of a relationship with the mellow music complimenting Thuy’s sweet voice. But you also get an upbeat song where the tempo rises, demonstrating her anger towards toxic people.

Thuy strikes a pose while performing in the Regency Ballroom. (Sean Siapno)

In the end, it was her latest song “girls like me don’t cry,” that left the biggest impression. With a flip on the term “crybaby,” Thuy validates those who cry. She wants us to acknowledge the pain we’ve gone through and eventually rise from those struggles. 

Overall, what separated this concert from others is the considerable amount of crowd interaction. Thuy is one of the most down-to-earth artists. She invited a fan to duet with her, sang happy birthday to my friend, and had a couple of slow dances on stage while serenading them with her most romantic track. Thuy earned herself another fan that night, and I believe she’ll easily earn more for the astounding quality of her music.