New Music is not as Good as Old Music


Graham Breitbarth

Music continues to evolve, both in its delivery and sound for both the better and worse.

Music is not nearly as good as it used to be.

We are passed the days of timeless bands producing classic hits that will be remembered and loved until the end of time. Today, we now find ourselves living in the days of autotune, meaningless lyrics and a lack of love for the art from the artists.

Boring and unoriginal. Those are two words that can be used to most accurately describe the majority of this generation’s music.

Making music used to be primarily about formulating your own distinct sound. Nowadays, that philosophy has been thrown out the window.

Musicians today are too focused on appealing to the largest possible audience, which has unfortunately led to repetitiveness and generic production.

One genre that has gained the most traction in recent years is hip-hop. This genre has completely taken over the music industry. The problem is that this current wave of hip-hop has lost all sense of creativity.

Most of these rappers spew the same sort of content: sex, money, drugs, weapons and fame. It contains no lyrical depth, and to put it in the simplest terms, it is just boring.
Aside from even just the lyrics, sonically these songs sound the same. The production is formulaic, the flows are basic and the voices are completely smothered by an excessive amount of autotune that sneaks its way into almost every track.

There is a major difference in skill level between current artists and artists from previous generations. Classic rock ran the 1980s, and this new era of hip-hop runs this generation.

Musicians used to be releasing classic after classic. Tunes that would be played for ages. Looking at the direction that music is headed, there will be no more “Piano Man”, or “Hotel California” or “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Quite simply, we consumers of music do not get masterpieces like we used to.

Music is perpetually evolving, and it continues to evolve throughout different generations. However, music today seems to be lacking in certain respects. The absence of creativity, generic sounds and the lack of skill and depth have made this era of music look underwhelming in comparison to previous eras.

That is not to say that music can’t be saved. New artists continue to emerge, and if they can begin to prioritize the aspects of music that were displayed when this art form was at its peak, then music as a whole will be back on the right track.

Until then, the majority of classics continue to stand in eras prior to this one.