Season pass is worth the extra dollar for “Resident Evil 7” fans


Screenshot by Blynn Beltran/The Skyline View

“Daughters” dives deeply into what happened during “the crash.” Mar. 1, 2017

There is no doubt that Capcom recaptured lightning in a bottle when “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard” was released. It contained the essence of the original “Resident Evil” in a first-person format which had not been perfected until now. The downloadable content that followed this great edition of the “Resident Evil” game series takes it a step further and elevates its replay value for a price.

So far, “Banned Footage Vol. 1 & 2” have been released and more will be coming soon. Collectively, “Banned Footage Vol. 1 & 2” contains five downloadable contents: “Nightmare,” “Bedroom,” “Twenty-One,” “Jack’s 55th,” and “Daughters.”

Two of the contents, “Bedroom” and “Daughters,” contributed to the main story line. Both DLCs were substantial enough to be stand-alone stories but they aren’t required to experience the whole story arc of “Resident Evil 7.” In other words, these two DLCs were not ripped from the main game to get more money from the consumers.

Due to its story-driven purpose, it adds depth to the main game. The lore in the “Resident Evil” games has always been its strong suit and “Resident Evil 7” along with its DLCs continue that tradition. However, both DLCs can be slightly lacking when it comes to length as they both contain approximately two hours of game play. Despite the lack of length, “Bedroom” and “Daughters” are high-quality DLCs.

“Nightmare” and “Twenty-One” are two completely different beasts from the previous two I mentioned. “Nightmare” is a “Resident Evil 7” meets Zombie mode in “Call of Duty” game mode. The player is tasked to survive until dawn while battling monsters seen in the main game. They will have to set up traps, buy and upgrade weapons, and make sure they have health items to live through the night.

“Twenty-One” is a twisted game of Black Jack with the stakes getting higher as it goes on. “Jack’s 55th” is just a silly game of diner dash where you feed the main antagonist food before the time runs out.

Although these game modes do not add anything to the “Resident Evil 7” lore, they do add a lot to the replay value of the game. These game modes can be replayed several times to get higher scores and better equipment.

All of these game modes are commended for their creativity and considering previous DLCs from other games, these five truly stand out. These DLCs are a great example when developers have fun showing their love and labor to their game.