47’s season ends with cliffhanger


Screenshot by Blynn Beltran/The Skyline View

The final episode of “Hitman” finally showcases a snowy terrain.

Agent 47’s last outing in the first season of “Hitman” went within expectation but paves the way for a better run in the second season.

To conclude the first season of “Hitman,” Hokkaido was just as good as its brethren but the story telling was far too much of a tease to make it good.

The last episode was arguably the best episode in the first season in-terms of graphic quality, rivaling “Sapienza.” Exceptional snow levels had always been a part of the ”Hitman” franchise and the hospital placed into the mountain of Hokkaido was no exception.

Sharp angles, window-walled bridges, and hallways with some modern and traditional Japanese aesthetics are all over the setting. The innards of Gama are filled with modern equipment with eerie lighting throughout as if the player was looking into future.

Gameplay remained more or less the same. However, this was the first episode where the player is not considered a threat initially, and is free to roam much of the area without any identification cards (to an extent).

Of course, you will still have to infiltrate the area accordingly to eliminate the targets. The player may need to be more creative when playing this level as the objectives require a little more of an “outside-the-box” approach.

The “opportunities” are more spaced out in the episode this time around which was awesome. This allowed the players to take more time investigating rather that slitting their target’s throat in less than 30 minutes.

The story in most standards would be lacking, as the episode paves the way for the next season. However, this episode may get “Hitman” fans excited for what is to come, as it alludes to a juicy plot to actually begin.

This episode was a good way to end the first season of “Hitman;” it retains the great gameplay and some slight variations, but the cliffhanger ending may sour the mouths of some players, and wet others.