“Queen of The Clouds” begins her tour at The Fillmore


Screenshot by Bianca Gonzalez/The Skyline View

Tove Lo performs “Not on Drugs” in music video.

Tove Lo recently performed Monday night, Sept. 22, 2014.

Tove Lo is originally from Stockholm Sweden and just kicked off the start of her tour at the Fillmore in San Francisco. Her music sounds like pop, electronic, and a touch of rock with poetic influenced lines for her songs.

I arrived a little bit after 8:30 p.m. and another band was performing. They call themselves Linus Young and their music was not all that exciting and pop like the sounds of Tove Lo. The audience was just starting to get a little thick, but no one really was singing to the songs and then they were off the stage soon after I arrived.

As the crowd waited for Tove Lo, the venue was playing a few songs including some 90s N* Sync and some other pop songs. I can’t name the artists but it was fun making friends in the crowd with people who told me they were also there just to see Tove Lo.

Finally Tove Lo came out to a cheering crowd. Not many people were too familiar with her first few songs, including myself. I only knew a couple that I could actually sing along to but the people who were up close with the stage definitely made the effort to sing along with her. Lo interacted really well with the crowd and in between each song she would talk about the song and the story behind it, stating how excited she was to release her album on September 30, “Queen Of The Clouds.” When she started singing her hit single “Habits(Stay High)” with the infamous line “gotta stay high all the time to keep you off my mind,” she recants that a relationship that had ended badly made her turn to drugs to get through that breakup. Lo ended her show with an encore of two songs and it was a great show. She is one of those artists who has good stage presence, her voice sounds just as amazing on stage as her prerecorded music.

Overall her show had a diverse crowd of young and older people, including both men and women, and by the end of the night the venue had become pretty filled up. They were also giving out free posters as you exited and complementary red apples.

The things she sings about in her music are perfect for the hopeless romantic, or if you just went through a heart wrenching break up where you fell deeply in love and suddenly feel lost or empty. You can just put on her music and problem solved, she really connects with the deep feelings of love and heartbreak.

Her hit single on the radio, “Habits,” hit number one on Billboard’s hot rock songs chart.