“inFAMOUS: Second Son” review: Amazing from start to finish

“Second Son” gives PlayStation 4 owners something to look forward to with its masterful storytelling and epic voice acting.

The majority of Sony fans are familiar with the “inFAMOUS” series, one of the trademark titles of Sony’s PlayStation 3 system. Considered by many to be one of the greatest examples of an open world sand box adventure game, the series seemed to have capped off with the final moments of 2011’s “inFAMOUS 2.” Thankfully that is not the case as “Second Son,” one of the first true examples of the PS4’s capabilities and power, hit the market on March 21, 2014, and the game does not disappoint.

First and foremost the main character is amazing. Delsin Rowe, voiced by the ever impressive Troy Baker (“The Last Of Us”, “Bioshock: Infinite”, “Batman: Arkham Origins”,) is one of the funniest and most understandable video game characters I have ever had the pleasure to play as. Withing the first five minutes of gameplay we understand who Rowe is and what he stands for as we maneuver him away from the scene of his latest public tagging. What the dynamic Baker brings to the character is astounding, as we’ve come to expect from all of Baker’s work these days, but it’s the interaction between the main character and his brother Reggie that truly make the cinematic moments of the game breathtaking. In the real world Baker is best friends with the man who voiced big brother Reggie, Travis Willingham, and it was easy to hear the connection between these two characters throughout the game.

In the previous games in the “inFAMOUS” series players dealt with one power as series protagonist Cole McGrath used electricity as his primary tool to deal with his enemies and what not. In “Second Son”, players have a total of four powers that they will have by the end of the game. Those who have seen any trailers or gameplay footage of the game know that two of the four powers are smoke and neon. There are no spoilers in this review so the final two powers will be a surprise for those who take the time to play the game. While running around developer Sucker Punch’s awe inspiring rendition of Seattle, dispensing justice as you see fit to those who you believe are in the wrong, you can seamlessly transition from one power set to another simply by absorbing the fuel needed for that power. For example, while dealing with the criminal element in one of the sections of the city while using Delsin’s smoke power, it’s as simple as absorbing neon from a nearby sign in order to switch over to the neon abilities. If you want to switch back to smoke you simply run up to a smoke stack and absorb the smoke then you’re good to go.

All in all, this game is amazing, and one of Sony’s flagship series has found a new home on the PS4. This game will thrill old and new fans alike. With more serious undertones than the previous games, dealing more with issues of family and community then we’ve seen in the previous two games. There will be moments in this one that risk getting players emotionally attached to characters throughout the adventure. If you have a PS4 this is not a game to be missed, and if you don’t have one then this might just be the game to forces you to get one. One way or another, it’s worth it.