Madden NFL 13 return for its best edition yet

Photo courtesy of EA Sports.

Photo courtesy of EA Sports.

Football season is finally back in our lives and you know what that means, another edition in EA Sports’ Madden franchise. Madden NFL 13 set itself up as the biggest revamp in Madden history, and thankfully it has succeeded in this attempt. Madden has received criticism for the past several years for being too redundant with the way it looks and feels as a video game. Well, the people at EA Sports and Tiburon have flipped that premise on its head.

The biggest change in Madden NFL 13 is the brand new Infinity Physics engine. What is the Infinity Physics engine? Basically it adds real physics to the gameplay. Players will literally run into each other during and after the play, rather than the usual canned animations that were used in past games. This is mainly seen whenever the ball is handed off to the running back. It adds an amazing sense of realism to the game that has been strive over the years.

This causes the usual in-game animations to disappear completely and deliver a much more realistic football experience for the fans.

Another change in Madden NFL 13 is the new Connected Careers Mode. It is essentially a combination of Franchise, Online Franchise, and Superstar modes. You get to pick a player or a coach and play out their entire careers, you can choose from current players and coaches along with legendary players and coaches. Also, you can create your own player or coach and start a brand new career for your own. Connected Careers mode brings a much needed improvement to Madden’s past modes.

Past editions of the Franchise mode were merely the same thing every year, giving you control of a team to play with however you want. The main difference this year is that you earn experience points that will develop your player and your career. The new Connected Careers mode has the works. Everything from NFL news streams to fake Twitter feeds belonging to well-known sports personalities (mainly ESPN staffers), it is amazing to see how in-depth you can go with your career.

One of the additions that might go unnoticed to some is the brand new audio and presentation enhancements to the gameplay. Gone are the days of Chris Collisworth and Gus Johnson famously recycling various football related phrases. Thankfully, an actual NFL commadden

NFL 13 returns for its best edition yetmentating team has stepped into the virtual booth. CBS announcers Phil Simms and Jim Nantz call the game and do a great job. The commentary feels real and makes fans feel like they are watching a game on Sunday. There are more cut scenes in between plays as well as various pregame scenes to give the gameplay more dramatic effect.

Overall, Madden NFL 13 is the biggest and best Madden yet. The vast amount of changes and improvements made to the game this year show that the team at EA Sports/Tiburon wanted to present the best product possible to their fans, and they have. Madden NFL 13 provides a realistic football experience that