“King Arthur’s Gold”

Screenshot by Stephen Benoit/The Skyline View

Knights. Archers. Builders. Fortresses constructed to reach the heavens. Ancient ruins. Great battles. Sieges for control of territory. All of this and more in “King Arthur’s Gold,” a free 2D platform game akin to games from the SNES era for the PC.

“King Arthur’s Gold” is a simplelooking game that’s simply addicting! There are three classes to play: the knight who fights with sword, shield, and bombs; the archer who fights from afar with his bow and arrow; and the builder, who constructs and deconstructs many things. You can change classes any time while near a tent belonging to your team.

When a match begins, you have 300 seconds to build your best defense against the enemy team. Sturdy walls and pits full of spikes will help, but make sure to be safe enough in their construction so that they do not harm your team along with your enemies! Smart players will play builders at first to ensure the defenses of their team. The objective of the game is simple: the tent your team starts at holds a flag, and you must capture your enemy’s flag and bring it back to your flag—this wins the game.

When the match begins, things can get messy quickly. Archers will rain down arrows, builders will rain down boulders after building catapults, and knights will rush to hold territory long enough for builders to build new fortifications on their way to the flag. Some players prefer the direct approach and will rush over land to get the flag. Others will play more sneakily, building bridges in the sky or digging great tunnels under ground, in hopes that the enemy won’t notice until it’s far too late.

The game employs pseudo physics, so if there’s not at least one block of support for a structure touching the ground, the entire thing will crumble. This leads to some hilarious moments where an entire castle comes crashing down because the attackers blew out the foundation with bombs. Or there are moments when an intricate bridge almost reaches the enemy’s base, only to be stopped dead in its tracks by a catapult that destroys the supports and sends it, and all the people standing on it, crashing to the ground and their deaths.

The game feels like a strange PVP-oriented Terraria, but with classes, objectives, and two opposing teams that start on opposite ends of the map. The game is still seemingly in early development and has many features apparently on the way. For a free game it’s hard to put down and is still relatively undiscovered.

All in all, it’s a great little waste of time and is hard to beat for something you can get for nothing! If you’ve got some free time after your studies, go ahead and give it a download to try it for yourself!