Top Pitcher Face-Off, The Dark Horse Nationals Challenge The Strongest Astros

After three weeks of battle, the 2019 MLB World Series finally kicked off, the team that stood on the stage of the World Series after first two rounds was Washington Nationals and Houston Astros; this is the first time the Washington Nationals has entered the World Series, and 2017 Champion the Houston Astros after one year absence, the best records in the league will once again fight for the championship glory.


The first game started on 22nd. The Nationals veteran Ryan Zimmerman and the sophomore Juan Soto attacked Gerrit Cole, who hasn’t lost since the end of May. The 20-year-old Soto has 3 RBI contributed. Although the 7th and 8th the Astros’s George Springer hit the extra base hits help the team down by 1, the nationals finally won the game with 5-4, winning the first victory in the team history of World Series.


Compared to the first round hard winning against the Dodgers, the Nationals rely on 3 top Pitchers by Max Scherzer, Steven Strusburg, and Patrick Corbin sweep the St. Louis Cardinals in ALCS (The American League Championship Series). Scherzer and Strusburg not surprisingly lock the batting lineup of Cardinals, Anibal Sanchez, the 4th staringting pitcher brings a fascinating performance, only Corbin was not stable, and sometimes there was a sudden ball-control problem that was easily attacked by the hitters. After the first round of intense consumption, the physical condition by Strusburg and Scherzer in the second round was significantly lost. Regardless of this, during the World Series, they got less opportunity to make mistakes against the Astros, and the Bullpen Pitchers has to be ready covering the game.

Talking about Bullpan, the winning group still only has Sean Doolittle and Daniel Hudson, these two players gave good performance in the first two rounds, but the Nationals has no more good pitchers. The Rookie Tanner Rainey has the excellent performance in the second round. As long as the condition is good by accurate pitching, it will be helpful for the Nationals


However, for the Astros, they also got three top pitchers in the team which by Justin Verlander, Zack Grankie, and Gerrit Cole. As Gerrit Cole has the ball-control probelm and lose in Game 1; Justin Valender, sometimes, he has a problem on single inning explosion which made inaccurate pitches that was easily attack by hitters and lost points, but at the same time, Verlander come back and be stable really quickly; However, Zack Grankie, the best control pitcher in Astros’s roster currently rely on his control pitches and changeup against batter, however, the ball speed has been falling through the age gets old.

Talking about Bullpan of Astros, the most stable pitcher is still Roberto Osuna and Will Harris, the second winning group can also expand by Josh James and Joe Smith, Brad Peacock and Josh James can cover long innings in Bullpan games. Overall, the Astros have enough pitcher can be used in long inning games.



Regarding to the batter, Juan Soto, the 20-year-old sophomore is an important figure in the Nationals Batting Lineup, although Soto has laid off in the National League Championship Series, and the Astros’s starting pitcher is stronger than the previous two rounds, he has to find the status back that help the team to win the championship. As for Astros Batting Lineup, Jose Altuve will be the clutch in the World Series, 5 feet 6 guy hit the walk-off home run against the Yankees, lead the team to the World Series. His performance will needed in order for Houston to win their second title in 3 seasons.