Skyline struggles against City College of San Francisco in late innings


Andrew Avilla/The Skyline View

Ryan Cuddy winding up to hit the ball in the seventh inning against City College of San Francisco at Fairmont Park in Pacifica on Friday, Feb. 26, 2016.

Skyline gave up four runs in loss at City College of San Francisco on Friday, Feb. 26.

The Trojans held a three run lead into the eighth, but the Rams tied the game with a three run burst in the bottom of the inning, and took the game with a walk-off RBI single in the bottom of the ninth. With a 6-6 preseason record, Skyline now has four games remaining before the regular season begins.

Skyline’s Kyle Vallans (#43) came out as the starting pitcher and controlled the game through seven innings. He struck out nine batters while giving up only four hits for the day.

After left fielder Melvin Brown (#25) hit a single and stole second in the top of the third, he was batted in by Ryan Cuddy’s (#26) single. In the fifth, Brett Berghammer (#3) hit a double, scoring Cuddy. Finally, in the seventh inning, Brown tallied the last run for Skyline on a sac fly by Armando Fajardo (#6).

Ray Falk (#16) took the mound for Skyline in the eighth, where Trojans seemed to have control of the game. Loading up the bases twice, the Skyline defense gave up three runs as City College built momentum. Falk gave up a pop hit to left field where four defenders lost sight of the ball in the fog, bringing in two of the three runs.

In their at bat, Skyline’s offense was shut down by City College pitcher Jose Aguilera (#5).

Skyline’s closing pitcher, Roberto Zucchiatti (#31), was subbed in to bring the game into extra innings but gave up a run against his second batter faced.

Skyline’s offense totaled eight hits on 30 at bats as they paced themselves through the game. Shortstop Matt Seubert (#8) led the team in hits as he tallied three singles and a stolen base.

Skyline will get another chance to beat City College in their preseason finale on March 12 before starting their regular season. They must win out the last four games to reach their goal of 10 wins in the preseason.