Trojans hopeful after tough loss


Will Nacouzi/The Skyline View

Skyline College Trojans’ Phil Caulfield (#2) sliding towards first base, as Cañada College’s Sean Walsh (#45) beats him to it. The game took place on March 14, 2015 between the Skyline College Trojans and Cañada College Colts.

Trojans baseball suffered a tough loss against the Cañada Colts on March 14.

It was a rough day for the Trojans batters, with only one run and three hits made.

But even sp, the season is still going great, according to Head Coach Dino Nomicos.

It was just one of those days for the Trojans. Every hit almost just fell right into the Colts’ mitts. Pitching was rough in the early innings too; the bases were loaded in the first inning and they allowed two runs.

Almost everyone at bat for the Trojans was having a difficult day, sinking it high and deep into the left field at least twice and giving the Colts an easy two outs in an inning.

Surprisingly, only two errors were made by the Trojans. Their fielders were doing fine; it was just the pitchers, batters and runners that were having a rough day. They weren’t able to score much.

“You know, we didn’t make our pitches like we needed to,” Nomicos said. We had a lot of counts that we were 1-2 or 2-1, the batters. You know, we threw some change-ups that were supposed to be down but ended up belt-high and they took advantage of it.”

By the bottom of the third inning, the game was 4-0. Even after a change of pitchers, the game went on to 7-0 by the bottom of the fifth inning.

The Trojans really struggled to get a run throughout the entire game and didn’t score one until the sixth inning. Normally, they would go down like this in their games and make a comeback, but it wasn’t happening that day.

They were hitting the balls hard, but they weren’t accurate or going far enough.

“I mean, we hit some balls hard, right at guys,” said Michael Franco (#6 Center Fielder). “They kind of got on us early, we fell in a hole early and it was just too big to get out of. You know, earlier in the year, we’ve gone down and we get it coming back, and this one we didn’t. And our offense was kind of in a slump but we’ll get back at it.”

Even after a tough loss, the Trojans aren’t having any of it. They are still working hard and making sure to keep at it, as they’re having a really good season especially compared to last season.

“I wish we would win more games but that’s everyone’s goal,” catcher Keaton Eichman said. “But I think we’re doing pretty well so far. This season’s completely different from last year. Better group of guys here, different coaching staff, it’s one unit, it’s more of a team.”

It’s still early in the season and the Trojans have much to do for the rest of this season. They are going to keep on playing and going for more wins.

“Whether we’re first or second, really it doesn’t matter. We just need to be around with the pack until the last 10 games of the season, and that’s when you make your run. So, yeah, we take this game; it’s a loss. Go home, have a steak, relax, come back Monday, start over.”