Skyline starts the season strong


Will Nacouzi/The Skyline View

Phil Caulfield slides to second during the Trojan’s opening game against Laney College on Feb. 29, 2015.

Jan. 29 marked the opening day game for Skyline’s baseball team and it proved to be a batting match.

The score remained closely tied for the first half of the game until the seventh inning came around.

Skyline took the lead with seven runs in the seventh inning and held onto the score until the end of the game, finishing with a score of 12-6.

The momentum remained strong in their second game on Saturday, which resulted in a 6-5 win.

The head coach of the team, Dino Nomicos, said that he loved the energy on the field during the first game.

Nomicos added that it’s “difficult to play at that intensity every day.”

However, he said that the team has a lot of fight in them.

Saturday’s starting pitcher, Tom Caulfield, spoke about the team’s camaraderie prior to the game.

Caulfield described the team as having a “new dynamic,” that came with the new coaches and teammates.

He said that this new dynamic is “really going to take us over the top.”

In preparation for the upcoming start, Caulfield said he hoped the team’s preparation would help them in the game.

“People who get lucky in games are the most prepared,” Caulfield said.

Michael Franco, a prominent player in Thursday’s opening game, said he was excited to see how the team battled. He continued to say that after going down three times in the game and finishing strongly was an example of how much fight Skyline’s team has.

Franco spoke about the mindset he goes up to bat with, and said that trying to swing well and hit something hard while working the count are the areas he tries to focus on while batting.

“Opening day went really well,” Franco said. “Skyline is here to contend.”

Franco also spoke about the apparent differences between this season and last season. He said that last year was tough, but that the way Skyline played on Thursday was a refreshing look at the new season.

Already, Skyline has shown their strong spirits and team strength in the first few games.

Nomicos said that despite the preparation, the team doesn’t start the season at their best. He said that in six weeks, after some real games, then the team will be their best.

Nomicos also mentioned that the scrimmages during pre-season don’t mean anything once the real season starts.

“Now everything counts,” Nomicos said.