Ghost Warrior’s beta is plagued by game-breaking problems


Screenshot by Blynn Beltran/ The Skyline View

Drones can be used in “Sniper:Ghost Warrior 3” to scout enemy outposts. Feb. 15, 2017.

The “Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3” beta for PC is not in a good state, to say charitably. This game in its current state is filled with bugs, game-breaking glitches and hard crashes. Although the core game itself is good enough to finish, it is far from the retail product that CI Games would want to release.

The beta consisted of two missions and a few side quests sprinkled around a small map. So far, the game resembles the “Far Cry” game series in a sense that the player can clear outposts filled with enemies and missions are seamlessly integrated into the map.

Considering that “Far Cry” is a very successful series, following its blueprint may not be a bad idea to transition the “Sniper: Ghost Warrior” series into the open world genre. However, this isn’t a very bold move and for a market that demands constant innovation, copying a successful but tired concept isn’t going to cut it.

The gun play remained the same as its previous iteration. It is still a tactical shooter with open world elements which work very well. Scouting your area and eliminating targets are extremely fun and exciting.

The game lets the players plan their attack whichever way they want. You can even go in guns blazing without using a sniper rifle and finish a mission. This is fine but it certainly does ruin the essence of the game. Perhaps some necessary adjustments may need to be implemented in order to make assault rifles and pistols a last ditch effort to ward off enemies, rather than a primary weapon.

The graphics were pretty good for a CryEngine made game. However, if you own a mid-range PC, running this game lower than the suggested graphical setting would be optimal, as the game is quite demanding. The advanced graphical setting has a bug on which cannot be changed. Hopefully, this problem will be resolved later in its development.

To underline the main problem of “Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3’s” beta, we must consider its numerous bugs. For five hours of game play, I had encountered five hard crashes, which are far more than most betas/early access games I have played in my lifetime.

There are also a few game-breaking glitches where the player’s entire inventory is wiped and a bug where the player is able to carry five weapons instead of the intended three. There was also a time where my character model fell through the entire map just by climbing down a ladder.

Overall, this game has the potential to be a solid “Triple A” title but with its game-breaking bugs, it is hard to see this game being in the stores by its intended release date. Hopefully CI Games would fix the problems correctly and delay the release.