Job fair held on campus

Skyline College held a job fair on May 7, featuring many employers including UNIQLO, Securitas, Chipotle, Electronic Arts, and even US Customs.

Skyline holds two job fairs each year, one in the fall and one in the spring.

“This one, we had 570 participants, which is pretty big! I think other ones have had close to 200 to 300 so we almost doubled that.” Lezra Chenpotillo, the employment and internships coordinator, said.

Especially with this one being a record-breaker with over 500 people in attendance, while every other SMCCD job fair averages 300 people.

Even students were able to notice the amount of people and employers in attendance.

“It went pretty good, a lot more people walking around, especially compared to last year,” Efren Sollegue, a Skyline student, said. “(there were) at least 3 empty tables last year.”

The job fair had plenty of employers in attendance, with plenty of newcomers including UNIQLO, EA, and Chipotle.

The employers in attendance were very successful too, with rounding up over 100 applicants throughout the day.

Students in attendance found interest in a lot of the jobs that were recruiting over at the job fair.

This job fair proved to be very helpful especially because the semester is about to end, and students are in need of employment.

“I had a good experience,” Nick Zuniga, a student at Skyline, said. “School is about to end and I’m looking for a part-time job.”

All the collaborative partnerships contributed to the success of the job fair.

“Because we’re partnering with EDD and the San Mateo County Workforce Development, we’re able to really broaden our scope both for participants and for employers.” Chenpotillo said.

“Our Collaborative partnerships with Employment Development Department, Menlo Park / San Francisco, PeninsulWorks, Workforce Development, Veterans, Menlo Park Job Train have expanded our employment offerings. Over the past two years we have had consistently had over five hundred attendees at our joint job Fair ventures. The event included efforts from many of our industry partners and volunteers who made the Job Fair successful with 35 participating companies and over 70 employer representatives with available employment openings. I would like to thank all of our collaborative partners, Skyline faculty staff and student volunteers for such an outstanding event.” Padron said via e-mail.

The director of career services, Virginia Padron, is also retiring and wanted to use this as an opportunity to thank everyone who helped out.

“Given that this is my last year as Director of Career Services at Skyline College it is rewarding to leave a positive legacy of employment opportunities for our students and the Community at large. My hope for the future will be a continued growth in employment and internship opportunities for our students as well as the community we serve.” Padron said via e-mail.

She would just like to thank the following: Employment Development Department . Peninsula Works, Brian Jenny, Lezra Chenportillo, Alex Jones, Lavinia Zanassi, Lorraine Demello and Career Services Student volunteers.