Yoga courses at Skyline take a positive spin on students


Kathia Noriega

Professor Simmers guides yoga class during stretches on Feb. 16.

Yoga classes at Skyline College are allowing students to feel more relaxed and focused.

Kevin Simmers, a yoga professor at Skyline College, has taught yoga for 33 years. He believes that yoga is a great way for students to stay focused and relaxed during their stressful semesters.

As he teaches students how to use breathing techniques and stretches to their advantage, he believes that yoga can be an effective way to keep students away from their phones for an hour and a half.

“It’s enormously beneficial,” Simmers said. “Many of them go on to their next class in a more relaxed and open state of mind and physical well-being.”

Simmers likes the idea of having time for students to be in an environment where they can relax their minds, quiet down, and not feel the need to communicate. It gives them a break after being under a lot of stress from their daily schedules.

“Students are under a lot of stress,” Simmers said. “The pandemic has caused a lot more anxiety. The breathwork in yoga, the physical asanas help relax the mind and body, which makes you a more efficient learner.”

Alejandra Hernandez is a digital art major and she participates in Professor Simmers yoga classes. She enjoys having time to herself every morning on Tuesdays and Thursdays to relax.

“After I take this class in the morning for a bit of exercise,” Hernandez said. “I feel like my stress reduces and my levels of anxiety as well.”

Victoria Brandt is a psychology major, and she describes the yoga class as refreshing. She looks forward to the energy of this class to help her feel more productive and awake.

“I think that it’s nice to have something to do,” Brandt said. “Having to stretch kind of wakes me up in the morning.”

After being in the room during these yoga sessions, it’s no argument that Simmers holds a very zen environment during this course to keep students focused on their breathing techniques to help them stay relaxed.