Ted’s Market and Deli

The outside of Teds De;i.

Photo by Bianca Gonzalez/The Skyline View

The outside of Ted’s De;i.

Ted’s Market and Delicatessen

1530 Howard between 10th and 11th street.

Price range: $5.25-$7.25

Hours: M-F 6am-6:30pm Saturday 8am-5pm Sunday 8am-3pm


If you are in the mood for a quality made sandwich Ted’s Market and Delicatessen is a place to try. As a student sandwiches are awesome hearty quick and easy to eat. For on the go this place is great if you are in the SoMa neighborhood. There will be a long line if you come in at peak hours 12-2pm, but the line seems to move rapidly.

During my visit I ordered the Fresh roasted turkey sandwich on wheat bread.I enjoyed that the meat had a fresh taste and it was thick cut meat, which was filling.The extras I like tomato, mayonnaise, pickles, and lettuce make a simple turkey sandwich flavorful.And if you like other things added they have a wide variety of breads and cheeses if that’s more your taste.For my simple taste I paid under eight dollars, with a soda it was still worth the cost.

Ted’s Market and Delicatessen have a rating of four and a half stars on Yelp with 306 reviews they give great quality service that is enjoyable on any kind of day, because let’s be honest some of us enjoy great food and great customer service is a plus that will keep you coming back. Ted’s Market and Delicatessen offers excellent service for you on the go.

The workers are friendly and lots of people come here if they are on their lunch break or just happen to be stopping by the neighborhood and have the urge to eat a tasty sandwich made with fresh ingredients. They have fresh roasted meats and for the turkey lovers I recommend getting everything on it.The daily specials range from their chicken dumplings to their Caribbean chicken sandwich and I will be back to try that item.

Not only do they have sandwiches but they also have some delicious soups and salads to accompany those great sandwiches. The salads range from a couscous salad to tuna salad. They also offer catering services and the quality of the food is not limited they have amazing tasting food just take a look for yourself and you will not be dismayed.

I was able to meet the owner of this market that has been around since 1967 July 15th to be exact. The owner Penelope Zouzounis started this business with her husband Theodore Zouzounis and she is also born and raised in San Francisco. Her son David Zouzounis also works in the deli and he brought his daughter to work in the store. They are proud to have three generations working in the deli.

“The store was too small to be a grocery store but we wanted to have fresh food you can eat,” said Penelope Zouzounis, owner of Ted’s Market and Delicatessen.

The neighborhood is surrounded with homes and other business but Ted’s Market and Delicatessen is a very popular place to eat for lunch you will figure that out quickly if you come in during lunch hours. The environment is friendly and you may just run into the lovely owner Penelope Zouzounis but she prefers to be called Penny.

For the first few years Penny and her husband were the only employees at Ted’s.Penelope did the cooking and her husband ran the register, she was very happy working there and was a pleasure to interview, so be sure to say hello if you stop by Ted’s they will make you feel like family.

“I love the people here in the neighborhood everyone is very friendly, that come to Ted’s,” said Zouzounis.


Update:This article headline has been edited to be correct. 12:25PM 11/27/13.