The new Demon Slayer movie is not a slay


Ufotable, Inc

The official movie poster for the film, “Demon Slayer – To The Swordsmith Village.”

The new Demon Slayer movie, “Demon Slayer – To The Swordsmith Village,” is not a movie. I wish there would be more to say, but I’m afraid that this about sums up the content of this so-called “film.”

The movie is essentially the last two episodes of the previous season in combination with the first episode of the upcoming season. So for avid fans of the show, you would know that this film just showcases the final battle between our protagonist, Tanjiro, alongside his friends, against the wicked upper-tier demons, Gyutaro & Daki.

For anyone who’s watched the trailer, it’s only briefly mentioned that this movie is basically a recap. With its title and even the official poster, everything is quite misleading. The overall promotion for it is a false invitation to what the fans have been desperately waiting for.

While the trailer also states that this was a worldwide theatrical event, I would’ve done a better job of emphasizing the cinematic goal.

The art style for the anime is beyond adequate, and its clean animation is what makes this show its own. It would have been more acceptable to say that this was a chance to see the beautiful clash of last season up on the big screen. In fact, this is why I primarily chose to watch.

Fortunately, I was well aware of what I paid for, but I can’t imagine the disappointment that a fan could leave with if they did not know what this movie was trying to sell.

Even if this was one of the best anime fights I’ve personally seen, I didn’t need to waste 17 dollars to watch it once more. I’m all for the live cinema experience, but this time it wasn’t hitting right. Nothing will ever match my initial reactions to the stunning battle of the final episodes. I should have known that, at the end of the day, there’s nothing new to gain from this experience.

The only aspect that was new from this event was seeing the first episode of the upcoming season. But even then, this wasn’t even worth it.

It makes no sense to display the new characters and title this film around the next arc for the anime if viewers are only getting a short glimpse of it. And sure, the creators aren’t trying to reveal everything, but they could have at least shown the second episode if watchers had to rewatch content they have already seen. This preview had to be the most underwhelming part of this event.

Something cool that could have saved this screening was if it was a D-BOX exclusive film. The fight itself is an amazing view, but since most people have already seen it, having it in 3D with moving seats could have been thrilling. This would have at least made this recap a fresh experience for anyone watching.

Sadly, this was not a D-BOX event and was just old content trying to be glorified through a big screen and loud sounds. If you really are dying for new Demon Slayer content, sure, you can check this film out for the latest episode. Otherwise, save yourself the time and money, and enjoy other blockbusters that are sure to give the fulfillment this one could not provide.