Beginner drinker friendly beer flight at Steelhead Brewery


Steelhead’s beer flight serves eight beers including their seasonals, in 4 ounce glasses. Photo credit: Kevin Perez

Steelhead Brewing Company is a good experience, but nothing over the top.

Steelhead Brewery in Burlingame sits on California Drive and could easily be missed when driving by. Its red brick walls don’t scream for attention, instead bring about a curiosity to the passerby.

Once inside, the high ceilings catch you by surprise. Skylights along with the big windows upfront allow for natural lighting to illuminate the open space of the dining room. Their dining room seems cramped by the number of tables they have laid out, but getting up from your table to break the seal is easily maneuverable.

Recently turning 21, acquiring the taste for beer is a challenge, and Steelhead offers a great range in their brew house sampler for $14. It was served quickly considering my table had ordered 4 samplers which all together made up 32 glasses.

The beer remained cold until about the last couple of glasses, which was great considering how slowly I have been drinking. The beer flight was presented on mats rather than blocks which was a disappointment, but the beer itself was full of color.

Their Sullivan Stout was dark and I found the hint of chocolate appealing from the usual bitter taste of dark beer.

The least appealing from the fleet was the Double Play IPA. The strong taste overwhelmed my palate, but could be found appealing to a more seasoned drinker.

Their grilled portobello mushroom sandwich was a great experience to eat. Full of flavor, without overwhelming those who have never had one. The fries were your regular fries, not overly salty but a bit stale.

After dinner, those who wish to hang out can head to the back room, where they have several pool tables open to play for an hourly fee of $10. The pool room has a small bar, but their whiskey selection is nothing over the top. You can find your drink here as long as you’re not an average consumer of top shelf liquor.

Steelhead appease to their customers by making sure that their customers are comfortable and get what they were expecting when they visited. The brewery is confident that it can bring you back for another dining experience but has a humble tone throughout the restaurant.

Steelhead Brewery is a good place for those looking for their first brewery experience. While the aesthetic, home brew, and food were welcoming and would not be a bad choice to revisit, they do not offer much to draw you back.