“Suspect” reveals secrets on MTV’s new series


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Nev Schulman, host of MTVs Catfish and Suspect. Schulman co-hosts Suspect with iO Tillet Wright.

On February 24, MTV premiered a new and intriguing show, “Suspect.” The show has sparked the interest of many, including fans of its sister series “Catfish.”

While it is currently unknown if there will be a second season of “Suspect,” the show’s engaging concept could lead viewers to believe that the show will stick around for a while.

The hosts of this thrilling series untangle messy stories and lies to find the truth for the concerned truth-seekers. Those in search of the truth contact the show for assistance in investigating suspicions of their friends or family. Through this process, lies are confessed and stronger relationships are built.

The hosts of this adventure series include iO Tillett Wright, an artist and activist who promotes open-mindedness and acceptance of all people, and Nev Schulman, a beloved host from “Catfish.”

The show is just as suspenseful, exciting, and thrilling as “Catfish” but with a concept uniquely its own. The viewer never knows what lies someone could be hiding. The truth-seekers have speculations, but will the guesses be right? This framework keeps viewers on the edge of their seats and unable to avert their eyes from the screen.

The investigative work of iO and Nev is commendable and keeps viewers highly interested throughout the show as well. ThinkLaw and Order,” MTV edition.

While iO is a warm and engaging host, she does not stack up to Max Joseph, Nev’s co-host on “Catfish.” The chemistry between Nev and Max is magical, while the connection between Nev and iO simply seems friendly. While Max is greatly missed in this series, iO is making a place for herself quite well by supporting and accepting those on the show.

Viewers may not have thought “Suspect” as a whole would stack up to “Catfish,” but the show holds its own and is uniquely interesting. Just like in “Catfish,” there is the suspense of not knowing what secrets someone may hold and then investigating what they may be before the big reveal.

If there are any viewers that have not watched it yet, don’t miss out on this series and tune in on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. to get involved in the thrilling mysteries.