‘Pretty Little Liars’ leaves fans guessing

On March 24, the season five finale of “Pretty Little Liars” left fans with a big shock that will ultimately change the thoughts of everyone who watches the suspenseful mystery show.

For years, the four main girls, Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna have been tormented and blackmailed by an unidentified person who sends them anonymous texts and emails with the signature, “A.” After keeping up with the show for five years, the anticipation for the season five finale was nerve-racking because we all will finally find out who was behind that black hoodie all along.

The last episode left us with so many questions that need to be answered, along with the astonishing revelation that a character in the show could have a twin. On Twitter, many fans have predicted and also asked the show’s creator, I. Marlene King, if the twin theory would be plausible in the show (just like it is in the books). Unlike the books, the person with the twin is not Alison DiLaurentis (the girls’ friend) but her older brother, Jason.

The identity of the infamous “Big A” was revealed under the name of Charles DiLaurentis, Jason’s supposed twin brother.

The revelation of “Big A” brought a mix of different emotions because we did not get to see the face of the person underneath the black hoodie, but we have the name of a character that no one knows about.

Because Twitter plays a big part in the show, many fans have tweeted their theories with the hashtags that appear during the show, as to who this character could possibly be.

King tweeted that “Big A” could possibly be someone who we have seen on the show before. However, that could be anyone, given that the writers of the show make everyone look suspicious.

Through all the drama in this episode, we also have to take into account the fact that Mona Vanderwaal is not dead. She had been captured by “Big A” and was being held captive in a dollhouse built by “Big A”.

All four girls, who were already arrested and being transported to a penitentiary, discover Mona alive after “Big A” seized their van and held them hostage in the same dollhouse after drugging them.

They try to escape outside of the warehouse turned “dollhouse” only to find that the outside is surrounded by an electrical gate, with no way to escape but going back the way they came.

According to King on Twitter, in the first half of season six, the girls do escape the dollhouse and all the fans questions will be answered as to who “Big A” is and why this person has caused so much disturbance in the lives of the girls and their loved ones.

Pretty Little Liars returns in June with season six.