The ultimate fighter: Mind games

Miguel Garcia, TSV Staff Writer

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Episode three of The Ultimate Fighter Nations: Canada vs. Australia was quite an exciting one. A lot of tension built up between the Canadians and the Australians, as the Australians were trying to get into the Canadians’ heads. But the real question is: Did it work? Are the Canadians able to keep their heads and continue the winning streak?

This week’s fight was going to be between the Canadian, Chad Leprise, and the Australian, Chris Indich. The entire episode was really a mind game for the Canadians. To start it off, this week’s Australian training camp was coached by special guest, Jonathan Chaimberg, a Canadian. The Canadians even went on to calling him a “traitor” on his way out, jokingly, of course. But then, the Australians started to mess with the Canadians. They would sometimes wake them up for no apparent reason, and they even vandalized the Canadians’ moose head displayed in the cabin by hanging tampons on its antlers, and a sock into its nose. How they acquired tampons in an all-male roster is something I will really wonder about this episode.

On to our fighters. Chad Leprise, a devoted Christian was going into this fight for the first time in his career perfectly free of injuries. This is the eighth fight in his MMA career and he intends to finish it in satisfying fashion. Chris “The Savage” Indich gets his nickname from something most fighters come out of and discover their talents, bar fights. Before you assume anything, just keep in mind that, Chuck Liddell, one of the legendary UFC Hall of Famers also got into a lot of bar fights before he began his MMA Career.

Are you ready? Fight! Leprise and Indich keep the fight standing throughout the entire match, though at least two takedowns were attempted by Indich: One, he attempted but Leprise countered and tossed him to the side in the middle of the second round. The other, he attempted after a few trades and pushed Leprise into the cage and ended up not getting the takedown. Leprise completely dominated Indich throughout the match. Indich landed a couple of hits, but none of them connected, but Leprise was landing pretty good combos. Indich was also swinging haymakers that didn’t really land, that looked like swings from a bar fight. Leprise wins by unanimous decision after two devastating rounds for Indich. Indich was left emotional in the post-fight interview because of his defeat.

Australia’s mind games didn’t seem to work at all, and it really showed through Leprise’s amazing performance. Canada keeps their win streak alive, and the Australians are desperate for a win. Tonight, Team Canada’s Nordine Taleb (8-2) and Team Australia’s Tyler Manawaroa (10-0) will be facing each other. Will Canada remain undefeated? Or is Manawaroa going to bring Australia out of this sinking ship? You can catch The Ultimate Fighter Nations: Canada vs. USA every Wednesday at 7 p.m. on Fox Sports 1.