Game of Thrones on route to final crusade


Screenshot by Lauren Gozon

A screenshot of Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow, two crucial characters in the HBO series Game of Thrones.

This season of the HBO series, “Game of Thrones” it brought reunions among old friends, new friendships and unexpected alliances among the leftover houses, in Westeros. It also brought a different vibe to the series, setting everything up for the conclusion of the television series.

Throughout the seventh season, it builds up to a massive confrontation with a mythical army, that will stop at nothing to accomplish their goal. The army was patient, they walked thousands of miles to get to the north. They also knew what they wanted their final weapon to be and they made sure a trap was set up to acquire this weapon for the great war that is here.

As viewers would catch on, this army is extremely intelligent. They seem to know what the living were thinking from miles away. They were careful and they never seemed to doubt themselves or knowledge about the living. They knew everything they needed to know- they were once alive too. Making their plans be five or even seven steps ahead of the others, giving them an advantage and now that they have a massive dragon as their ultimate weapon, we are sure that there will be no mercy from either side but especially not theirs.

This army, also known as the white walkers, can only be defeated by two things, dragon glass and fire. However; even with those two options they are hard to kill since there are so many of them. Plus do not have much to lose since they are deceased. When they have run-ins with anyone who’s in their way, these soldiers are ruthless in the field. That was without a dragon on their side.

The living need more numbers, good numbers to even have a chance on defeating them for good.

The seventh season’s finale assured viewers and fans all around the word about who is the rightful king to the seven kingdoms in Westeros. A theory that had been talked about since earlier season has been confirmed. Now is just a matter of time for our Targaryen heir to find out about his heritage and who he truly is.

The season finale racked in 16.5 million viewers across the United States, reaching its highest viewership since the start of the series in 2011.

As winter begins in Westeros, it is only the beginning of the end to which anyone can catch up to since filming for season 8 will start in October of this year.

The release date for the eighth season is still unannounced so anyone can totally get involved in the intensity of this successful show.

One of the factors that has made this series be one of a kind is what inspired the writers to write a story like this. This series does not have a specific hero or heroes overall and there is a reason for it.

George R.R. Martin didn’t want to have the heroes in his series because he wants his viewers and fans to be afraid of turning the page and realizing that one of their favorite characters could end up dead.

Heroes can be surrounded by an entire army but you know they will make it out because they are the hero of the show but that is not the case for this series. There is no main character or hero, just people who you start to care for who could end up dead next episode or until the very end of the series. Its unexpected something that not a lot of shows can truly say about their own TV shows. They may say it but wont mean it. George R.R. Martin does mean it with “Game of Thrones”.

Season seven was definitely on fire for fans in every place of the world. “Game of Thrones” never fails to add unexpected things to shock the fans which is what makes the show so different and amazing. Even though it only had seven episodes, they were each about an hour long, if not more. Definitely something worth watching all the way through the end.

It will be a sad day when the series ends as it definitely shocked people in a positive way all over the world.