Skyline women’s soccer team looks for success in San Luis Obispo

Diego Emilio Perez/The Skyline View
Head Coach Kevin Corsiglia addresses his team about their upcoming tournament in San Louis Obispo before starting practice on Aug. 27, 2018.

The Skyline women’s soccer team’s first pre-conference game of the season was scheduled to take place on Tuesday, Aug. 28 versus Merritt College, however, it has been postponed to Sept. 7 and will be played at Skyline — the game time is to be determined.

Tuesday’s game would have been the first time this newly assembled team played together and would have been the sole game before the team’s long road trip to San Luis Obispo.

Due to the postponement, the women’s soccer team’s first game of the season will be an away game this Thursday against Cuesta College. The team will then play West Hills college on Saturday, Sept. 1.

Looking at the first few pre-conference matchups, Head Coach Kevin Corsiglia said he is utilizing the early games as an opportunity to see what the new players bring to the team and how summer training transfers over to the field.

“It’s a matter of how quickly the team can come together,” Corsiglia said. “We have a lot of different players coming from different systems all playing together on one team.”

With only seven returning players, the women’s soccer team is looking to set a positive tone for the new season by starting off on a couple of wins in San Luis Obispo.

Skyline goalkeeper Dahlia Nasrah playing her first season on the team said a key factor for in-game success would be “putting some people in their proper positions so they’re able to show their full potential.”

“I want to see no panicking,” Nasrah said when discussing the team’s defensive emphasis. “I want them to be able to be comfortable with me and trustworthy of me and I want to be able to trust them as well with the ball.”

This early in the season, it is an opportune time, especially for newer teams, to try and resolve any issues and solidify communication amongst teammates.

“I think just spending more time together will help a lot,” Skyline women’s soccer player Braedyn Stone said when addressing how the team can work on their cohesiveness. “Honestly, a lot of things we need to work on is our individual stuff. From there we can build something bigger.”

The Trojans are looking to create a solid foundation for the team that is built on strong player-to-player relationships.

When the team returns from their tournament, they will play against Modesto College on Wednesday, Sept. 5. This is another away game with lengthy travel followed by only one day of rest before playing their postponed game verse Merritt College at home.