Skyline men’s soccer earns 14 seed in CCCAA NorCal Regional


Kathia Noriega

Jacob Deinla (2) defends Miguel Moreno (10) during CCCAA NorCal Regional Playoffs at Skyline College on Wednesday Nov. 16.

Skyline men’s soccer team has officially ended their season with an overall record of 12-6-2. Finishing the season off, with the 14 seed in the CCCAA NorCal Regional Playoffs. They ended their season in the opening round with a final 4-1 loss to the West Valley Vikings.

However, the young group had an outstanding season with an eight-game winning streak through all of September. This gave them a taste of what the playoffs would look like for the first time at Skyline soccer.

Team captain Edgar Muñoz enjoyed being the leader of the young team all season. He had high expectations for his teammates, where he noticed the steady progression of his teammates throughout the season. Muñoz explained the reason behind the turning point before the winning streak earlier in the season:

“We were just really close as a team,” Muñoz said. “That’s what helped us keep that winning streak. We communicated more. Our formation was a little bit different. I feel like it impacted our performance as well.”

Unfortunately, there was an erratic turn of events before playoffs. The team’s starting forward Luis Rodriguez got injured at a critical point in the season. He broke his collarbone during a game against De Anza Community College. While he was dribbling the ball, after beating a player, he was pushed from the side and fell.

Once he fell, he knew he was done for the season, which definitely took a toll mentally on the team for the rest of the season.

“After I got injured,” Rodriguez said. “I didn’t see as many goals coming through. I feel like that affected the team in that way. I feel like they played way better defensively. So I think it kind of motivated them to make sure that they don’t get scored on.”

Goalkeeper, Agustin Dueñas believed this season was one for the books. He enjoyed playing a part of their winning team in a turn around season from last year.

“I think it was a great season,” Dueñas said. “It was a great rebuilding season, considering Skyline soccer was not the best last year. They had pretty much a losing record. I think it was great that we had a great season, making sure everyone knows that Skyline’s back on the come-up.”