Does an even year equal even rings?

The San Francisco Giants ended their 2017 season with one of the worst records in the Major League Baseball (MLB) but that’s not stopping them from making their way back to the postseason.

The Giants constantly struggled throughout the last season with injuries and poor performances from their team players. As the start of the 2018 season comes closer, it seems that they are ready to bounce back and bring back that even year magic to lead them to another World Series championship.

During the off-season, the Giants added more talent to their roster by making trade deals which lead them to receiving veteran players such as Andrew McCutchen (RF) from the Pittsburgh Pirates, Evan Longoria (3B) from the Tampa Bay Rays and Austin Jackson (CF) from the Cleveland Indians.

With the presence of more experienced players joining the Giants clubhouse they are hoping to get back to that competitive momentum and finish this season with a record that will put them on top of their division.

The MLB site reported that the Giants finished their season with a record of 64-98 which is one of their worst seasons since 1985.

The Giants were 24 games behind first place for the division title which left them out of the discussion of the appearance in another postseason since 2016.

MLB teams have reported to Spring Training for the pitchers and catchers report in mid February to prepare themselves for the 2018 season.

The Giants have started their Spring training games, looking to build a better season than their previous one. They are looking at their options to improve their pitching and offense. Other competitors in the clubhouse are working their way into the starting lineup by the time Opening Day comes to start off the season.

The offense plays a key role in winning games. The MLB reports on their site that Giants players who have more than 10 at bats have a batting average over .300. Getting runners on base and scoring runs contributes to success for the club.This shows how much progress the Giants are making offensively. With everyone trying to make the roster, fans will continue to see growth from the players and improvements with the team’s offense and defense.

With the dreadful even year expectation back in place, the Giants are trying to get back to their winning form this season. If the Giants bring a competitive edge and leadership back to the clubhouse, there is a strong possibility fans will see another World Series Championship back here in San Francisco.