Marquee players sitting out games and still get paid

The players’ and the NBA’s argument about rest is a legitimate issue, and the media has every right to punish the players for sitting out games.

The issue sparked when NBA Saturday Primetime broadcasted games where the biggest names in the league sat out. When marque players sit out games, the league is robbing the broadcast companies from their end of the lucrative TV deal.

The risk of injury for a star player detriments their chances of winning an NBA championship. While the league puts the player’s health above everything, they do understand that it is detrimental to their business.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver sent a memo to the owners, which stated that players sitting out when advertised is “an extremely significant issue for our league.”

NBA players still get paid for sitting out those games and most of that money comes from the NBA’s deal with broadcasting companies. The players’ union even negotiated to have a bigger cut of that deal to improve their pay scales. Broadcasting companies essentially pay the players to play the game and the players are choosing not to come into work.

The league opts to protect their business and keep the integrity of the game but also give off the vibe that they do not care about the player’s health.

However, in reality, they have accommodated the players about their concern of the number of games in the season.

“A shorter preseason with no more than six exhibition games before the start of the season,” as reported by TNT Analyst David Aldridge. “And an earlier start to the regular season which should further reduce both back to back games and stretches of four games in five nights.”

The league has even accommodated the players’ concerns to ensure that they play when scheduled on prime time television.

Players are taking advantage of the league by not coming in to work and are still collecting a check. If you were cutting that check, you would be mad as well. And do not give me that good humanitarian bull about the well being of the players. They are well accommodated millions times over.